The COUNTDOWN Exercise

Your objective in this exercise is to learn TEN basic editing tricks with AUDACITY - here's how:
  • Open or Install the latest version of Audacity (download the INSTALLER) for this exercise so the menu commands are accurate
    (Click the INSTALLER for the latest version to download it - let it install to "C:/Windows/Audacity")
  • Use Earbuds to complete this assignment - headsets can also be borrowed from the front of the class
  • Record (or download if need be) the "Countdown WAV" file to your drive, then open it in AUDACITY for this exercise

  • If Audacity can't read your file (M4A for instance) you have a few choices:
    • Use a proper recorder app that allows you to SAVE to WAV or AIFF ("Recorder Plus" for IOS, or "Audio Recorder" for Android
    • Convert your M4A files into a WAV format using online converters (be careful not to fall for ads or scams)
    • Properly install the LAME and FFMPEG libraries to allow Audacity to read those files - go to EDIT - PREFERENCES - LIBRARIES andfollow the instructions on how to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL

Here's what you can learn to do in this exercise:
  1. Use the AMPLIFY (or better yet, use NORMALIZE) effect to improve the overall levels and quality of the recording
  2. Use the NOISE REMOVAL effect to clean up the background noise in the recording
    (NOTE - The DEFAULT settings should read: 12db Reduction, 6 Sensitivity, 3 Frequency Smoothing)
  3. Use the SELECT TOOL to highlight, and TRIM (Delete) unnecessary parts of the recording
  4. Use the Split Clip function (CTRL-I) to segment the recording
  5. Use the TIME SHIFT TOOL to adjust the space between segments
  6. SELECT a sample area, and use the Split NEW function (CTRL-ALT-I) to copy the segment to a new track
  7. INVERT the order so the dialogue counts from 1 to 10
  8. SELECT the ODD numbered tracks and use TRACKS | MIX & RENDER to combine them into a single track - do the same with the even numbers
    NOTE - Hold the [CTRL] key and click to select specific tracks instead of the [SHIFT] key - in the newest version of Audacity 2.1.3 - The video is now out of date!
  9. Use the PAN controls to put the odd numbers toward the left channel, and the even numbers toward the right
  10. EXPORT the final mix into an MP3 file (Say, what IS the difference between stereo and joint stereo?)

Or view it on YouTube