View the video instructions on this YouTube page
(Requires account registration)
  • Create a SoundCloud account using your McCrae Gmail account
    (be cautious what you post here - this is a very public social webservice)
  • Upload the MP3 or WAV file;
    • Set the file to PRIVATE and hit the SAVE button.
  • Click on the "Go to your track" link
    • Click on the little SHARE icon at the middle right side of the screen, then the word EMBED link at the top middle
    • Choose the widget style at the top
    • Copy the code provided
  • In your portfolio, edit the page - choose INSERT - MORE GADGETS - PUBLIC
    • Scroll under featured gadget and choose "Embed Gadget"
    • Paste your code into the space provided
    • Match the dimensions from the code
  • Hit SAVE and test it!
NOTE: The EWG gadget sometimes acts like it's broken. It is a tool supported by another school out there in the internet.

If it doesn't work for you, you may want to go on and try method TWO for now.
(Very simple - but it seems to be broken these days)
  1. Make sure that your portfolio PAGE SETTINGS allow you to ADD ATTACHMENTS.
  2. Click on upload file and upload your mp3 file to the portfolio page.
  3. Right click on the down arrow to the right of the mp3 file on the portfolio and select COPY LINK LOCATION.
  4. EDIT your page and select INSERT - MORE GADGETS from the menu.
  5. Select Public - and search for “EWG Audio Player”
  6. When it asks for the URL, delete what is there and paste in the link location you copied in step 3. Use the right arrows and delete the last letters on that link so that the last 3 letters of the link is mp3.
  7. Save Test - You're Done!