Morning Announcement Assignment

Find a suitable text announcement on the school website or from a poster you see in the school hallway (take a picture);
Your task is to create a WAV or MP3 Audio Announcement exactly 20 (or exactly 30) seconds long using Audacity.

The announcement should skillfully mix 3 sources of sound:
  1. Recorded dialogue (Record YOUR voice using the proper techniques in audacity - be sure to avoid clipping, plosives and distortion)
  2. Sound effects
  3. Background music (Use Creative Commons sources)

  1. Use Audacity and the appropriate MIXING tools to adjust the quality, timing, volume envelopes
  2. EXPORT the WAV or MP3, Submit it for marking, and upload it to SoundCloud to EMBED IT it in your portfolio


Exemplary Level 4
Competent Level 3
Fair Level 2
Poor Level 1
The recorded dialogue is VERY high in quality with no evidence of clipping or plosives. Dialogue is professional sounding with ideal clarity, pacing and vocal inflection.
The dialogue is well recorded with appropriate levels
The dialogue is complete, but is occasionally difficult to understand
The dialogue is very hard to hear and appears poorly recorded
The volume of individual sound elements and tracks is EXCEPTIONALLY well balanced so that dialogue is easy to hear and understand. Sound effects and music complement the dialogue extremely well
The levels of the various elements are generally well balanced and easy to hear
Some elements are more difficult to hear because of poor levels
Little skill is shown in balancing the levels of various elements
Timing & Editing
The timing of various elements (inlcuding pacing and time for fade in and fade out) are controlled, and sound natural and professional.
Elements are well timed
Elements aren't timed particularly well.
The timing choices are poorly considered or neglected completely
The piece is VERY effective and CREATIVE thanks to well considered use of dialogue, music and sound effects
The finished piece competently mixes dialogue with music and sound effects
The mix of audio sources is not effective, and is in need of adjustment
The piece shows little skill mixing audio sources, and the result is not effective

Sample Script
What do YOU want for Christmas this year?
How about a copy of McCrae's 2014 Yearbook!
Just go to and look for the online order link
For just $45, Santa's elves will make sure YOUR holiday wishes come true
- If you don't believe in elves, you can also send your parents there to buy one for you.

Suggested steps
  • Prepare a Script
    • Clearly identify the "Who What When Where and Why" of the event
    • Determine the ideal DURATION (Default - 15 seconds)
    • Test read your script and time it
      • Email the script to them
      • Ensure that the message you're sending is accurate

  • Prepare your Audio Assets
    • Start a NEW AUDACITY project file on your D: drive
    • Record the Dialogue FROM YOUR SCRIPT
      • Read from your prepared script
      • Use an EXAGGERATED tone of voice!
      • "Test Record" to determine if the duration is too long or short
    • Choose Sound Effects (SFX) from the HANDOUTS server, or locate it on the Internet
    • Choose Music from one of our royalty free sources

  • Mix in Audacity
  • Deliver as an MP3
    • Submit to the appropriate HANDINS folder, and or post on your portfolio