Setting up your Chrome Browser

external image chrome.png
  • 1. SYNC Chrome using your school gmail accountChrome-Settings-Button2018.png
    (Sign-In is presented when you first start chrome, and can also be found under the settings button in the top right corner of your chrome screen )
    • This will allow you to sync your bookmarks, history, and any extensions from machine to machine
    • This is secure and encrypted under Active Directory. No other students will access your chrome account in the school
    • If you log in on your HOME computer, and other family members will be able to access your account, but you CAN set multiple user accounts in settings.

  • 2. FIX your SETTINGS
    Go into the Setting menu in the top right corner of ChromeChrome-Settings-Button2018.png
    then Slide down the menu and click on SETTINGS - then find and correct the following options
      1. Under APPEARANCE:
        1. Turn on "Show HOME BUTTON"
        2. Turn on "Always show BOOKMARKS"
      2. Go to the bottom and SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS
      3. Under DOWNLOADS
        1. Make note of WHERE any files that you download will be stored

  • 3. Organize your BOOKMARKS
    • Right-mouseclick anywhere in your Bookmarks Bar and select the BOOKMARKS MANAGER
    • Right-mouseclick in the Bookmarks Manager and ADD FOLDER named My 2017 Classes
    • Drag any relevant bookmarks into this folder
    • Create any other useful folders that will help you stay organized this semester!