Construction Zone

Please count off in 10's and remember your number. We want 10 groups of 4 students per group.

Please gather together by your group number.

Each group gets a deck of cards. Each group will use the cards to build a house.

You may enter your final house in any one of three contests: Pick one..
  • the Biggest House Contest,
  • the Strongest House Contest, or
  • the Most Creative House Contest.

You may use your cards and tape. To help build your house you may rip, fold, bend, or otherwise alter the cards.

But here is the catch! You are not allowed to talk during this whole process!

You will have 15 minutes for this activity. A timer will be set and the time remaining will be written on the board.

After the houses are built, each group will share their house with the group and describe how you learned to communicate your ideas with the group.

What worked? What didn't? How would you have changed what your group did if given another chance?