John McCrae Secondary School
Grade 9 Design Technology (TIJ10)
Course Outline
Welcome to the grade 9 Exploring Technologies class. Here you will have the chance to Design and build products using some of the most powerful and advanced software and hardware used in the industry. The grade 9 program is an exploration to technologies in general.
The projects created in this class will be yours to keep for years to come.
Course Content
Unit 1
A complete safety review of all the machines will be performed. All students will have to pass a written test and a practical test before using any power equipment.
Unit 2
First Design Challenge
Students will learn about technical drawing. Using CAD (computer aided design) software students will design orthographic projections of what they will eventually build. They will then produce what they have designed in the lab (woodshop)
Unit 3
Second Design Challenge
Using computer software students will design a virtual example of what they will eventually build. They will then produce what they have designed in the lab (woodshop)
Unit 4
Graphics Design
Using computer software (photoshop, anim8or, ...) students will create a graphics illustration or animations. Their illustrations will be included in a web page (see Unit 5)
Unit 5
Webpage Design
Using Google web sites, students will design, manage and keep up to date a web portfolio that will incorporate and describe their projects.
Unit 6
Summative Project
Completion of a comprehensive final project that includes a summative evaluation of their abilities through the use of software, web page design and the Design Process used during the construction of the project


70 % Formative Evaluation (class work)
25% Thinking / Inquiry
25% Knowledge and Understanding
25% Communication
25% Application

30% Summative evaluation
30% Summative Task

Teaching techniques

A variety of teaching and learning styles will be used in this course:
· Lectures
· demonstrations
· student centered activities
· homework
· assignments
· research projects
· group work
· presentations

Missing a Test

If you know ahead of time that you will be away for a test (e.g., school sports), alternative arrangements must be made with your teacher before the test date.
  1. An unexpected absence from a test (e.g., illness) must be explained by a parental note or medical certificate.

Late to Class

Late to class will result in 1) a warning, 2) a detention, 3) a call home with detention and 4) a visit to the office.

Absences from Class

You are responsible for catching up on class notes and completing any assignments for which you were absent. If you are absent for laboratory work, you are still responsible for understanding the material, and arranging for time to make up the lab.

for every class

To be properly prepared for class, students should be equipped with
Class Work
Paper, Pencil and Binder
Earbud headphones
Shop Work
Solid Footwear (no open toes)
Hair elastics (for long hair)

Jeff May
Mark Blaisdell
Jennifer Shaw
Eric Leduc
Geoffrey McCulloch

Note: For safety reasons, there are no hats, jackets or MP3 players allowed in the Technological Facility (shop).