Dressing Stock

HOW do you get SQUARE stock from ROUND lumber?

Lumber goes through several phases before it is ready to be used in construction or carpentry projects
  1. Trees are HARVESTED to get them to a mill
  2. Lumber is MILLED into standard sized rough stock
  3. Rough Stock is DRESSED by a carpenter to make it perfectly straight and clean

As lumber dries, it can warp and twist due to
  • The grain of that particular piece
  • Storage conditions

DRESSING the stock means carving away warps and twists one last time using a PLANER and a JOINTER. This will ensure that
  • The stock is PERFECTLY square, with surfaces and edges either parallel or at 90 degrees from each other
  • Stock is sized to a precise THICKNESS suited for the project we plan to make

To learn more about the manufacturing of lumber, including the two primary means of cutting lumber (plane sawn and quarter-sawn) check out this link:

Backyard Milling

Industrial Harvesting & Rough Cutting Timber

Dressing Lumber

The stock we have on hand is still in it's "rough stock" phase, and we need to DRESS the stock to make it ready for use.
  1. SELECTION - sorting through the available stock to find the ideal size for our project
  2. PLANING - carving away warps and bends to create a "flat" piece of stock at the precise thickness for our project
  3. JOINTING - carving away one of the edge-faces of the stock to ensure it is straight and at 90 degrees from the main faces