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GOTO and STOP - Interactivity

Check out these simple games by Mike F and Damon Y

You can build a simple, interactive app or game with SCENES, BUTTONS, and GOTOANDPLAY Actionscript
Follow this tutorial to learn the basics:


Try clicking on the buttons on the left - this is an actual flash app

"New Media" is the term for multimedia that "Interacts" with your audience, and can give them NON-LINEAR access to your product. The audience effectively becomes the "director" of your product, and chooses the order, duration and format of your content. You can make a movie STOP, START or GOTO a specific frame in the timeline

Here's a video showing the build in real time:
Create a new flash (Actionscript2) file
  • Create two layers - one called Actions, the next called Text (1:50)
  • Put a STOP action in the first frame the ACTIONS layer (2:00)
  • Draw a circle in the ACTIONS layer to make a button
  • Select the circle and hit F8
  • Choose the type to read BUTTON (rather than movieclip)
  • You can alter the colour of the UP, OVER and DOWN states so the button will react
  • You can type text on top or below the buttons to "LABEL" them
  • use SHIFT-F2 to open your SCENES palette
  • Create scenes with the "Add Scene" button (bottom left corner)
  • You can also duplicate existing scenes to clone them (2:50)
  • NAME each scene by double clicking it's name in the palette. Name them as shown
  • Click on a scene in the palette to navigate there, and display it on the stage
  • Go to the MAIN scene, and select the first button
  • Hit F9 and
    • add the ON handler and and set it to RELEASE - set the cursor AFTER the first curly bracket in the code
    • add the GOTOandSTOP
    • Target one of the scenes, typing it exactly as you spelled it. Note the scene name must be in quotation marks, and must be followed by a comma and a frame number
Try setting up four buttons that will GOTO the four different scenes
  • HINT: Create ONE fully functional button, then copy it. The Actionscript will ALSO be copied, and can be customized to alter the targeted scene

Actionscript is basically a programming language that works within flash. It can be as simple as a single statement that "stops" or "replays" an animation, or sophisticated enough to develop a complete flash-based game.

Actionscripts can be assigned to:
  • Buttons (A special flavour of symbol)
  • Frames (By putting actionscript within the timeline)
  • Objects (Named instances on your stage)

Here are a few great examples of Interactive "New-Media" products:
3-Point Lighting Simulation

The History Channel

Building the Arena of Death