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"Persistence of Vision" is the effect viewers get when they see a series of still images flash sequentially
by in front of them. The each image "lingers" in the viewers vision long enough to be replaced by the next, creating the illusion of smooth, continuous animation.

The "Zoetrope" shown on the right was invented in the early 1800's. As it spins, the images flash in front of the viewer and create the illusion of motion.

Read about Animation at the Wikipedia during your McRead periods.

It's a HUGE subject, and takes MANY different forms!


Frames Per Second
  • 24 fps - 24 Frames Per Second is the standard "film quality" frame rate for animation.
  • 29.97 fps - the standard "video quality" frame rate for animation
  • Note that video games run at much HIGHER frame rates - perhaps to create a more immersive and realistic experience

Types of Animation

  • Traditional
    • Hand Drawn - Frame by Frame - Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Doodlez
  • Stop Motion
    • Claymation - Wallace & Gromit
    • Cutout - South Park
    • Model - Tim Burton - Nightmare & Corpse Bride - Robot Chicken
  • 2D Computer
    • Flash Animation - Homestar - Fosters Home for Imaginary Firends - Happy Tree Friends? - Ren & Stimpy
  • 3D Computer
    • Pixar & Dreamworks Productions - Incredibles & Madagascar

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