Embedding Flash Animations into GoogleSites

As of v62, the CHROME BROWSER has locked down playback of embedded flash SWF files for many students on certain websites - including Googlesites.

While we sort things out, you can save your SILENT animations as ANIMATED GIFS and add them to your portfolio from your GoogleDrive.

We can also convert SWF files to MP4 video format using SWIVEL for more sophisticated animations, and animations that include audio

Go to the page that you want to embed your flash into. If you're in editing mode, hit SAVE so you're no longer editing

1. Upload your SWF
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and confirm that it has an "ADD FILES" option.AddFiles.png
    If not, then tap the "U" key and check the box to enable "allow attachments".
  • "Add file" at the bottom of a GoogleSite page to upload your SWF file

2. Find and Copy it's URL
  • Right MouseClick on the file's link, and select "Copy Link Address" or "Copy Link Location"

3. Insert a Gadget
  • Begin EDITING the page
  • Choose INSERT - MORE GADGETS and click the PUBLIC link!
  • Search for "Embed Any Flash" and choose INSERTFLASH and SELECT that gadget external image logo.png
  • Delete the demo URL data and PASTE your URL that you copied in step2
  • Scroll to the end of the URL and BACKSPACE to delete "?attredirects=0"
  • ADJUST the HEIGHT and WIDTH sizes to match your animation (default for flash is 800 x 450) - You need to do that in TWO places, both for the SWF as well as the DISPLAY
  • Click PREVIEW or SAVE and see if it worked

An ideal size for portfolio presentation is to adjust the width and height to 460x259
You can put these values into the settings of the INSERTFLASH gadget (even though the actual size was 800x450)
and the animation should look perfectly sized to accommodate anecdotes at the side

  • ALTERNATIVE METHOD if "INSERTFLASH" is not available:
    • Search for "Embed" and choose "EMBED GADGET"
    • COPY and Paste the following into the embed window:
    • <embed src="FILE_URL.SWF" width="800" height="450" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"></embed>
    • Replace the FILE_URL.SWF (everything INSIDE the quotation marks) with YOUR url that you copied (http://googlesites.../...swf) - be sure to scroll to the end of the URL and BACKSPACE to delete "?attredirects=0"
    • ADJUST the HEIGHT and WIDTH sizes if need be to match your animation

  • Tap the U key to open Page Settings, and HIDE the attachments to make your page appear more tidy.

    There are other gadets you could try to use as well:

Need a demonstration?
Here's a brief video showing the steps with INSERTFLASH


This is a sample Flash swf that features
  • Character Design,
  • Walk Cycle
  • Paralax Scrolling and
  • "Camera" Techniques (handcam).