Watch this video, and try creating your first Frame by Frame animation!

1. Your first Frame by Frame Animation

Valuable Key Commands - Memorize these

[F7] Creates a new, empty keyframe
[F6] Creates a FILLED keyframe that copies content from its predecessor
[F5] Adds to the length of a frame

[SHIFT] [F6] Deletes keyframes
[SHIFT] [F5] Reduces the length of frames

[<] and [>] will move to the previous or next frame

2. Stickfigure Animation

By Alan Becker
  • KEY Poses
  • Use the OBJECT option
  • Add "In Between" frames

  • Use BRACKETS [ ] to change brush size
  • Zoom In with CTRL +
  • Toggle OBJECT DRAW with J
  • Hold SHIFT to draw straight lines

Bouncing Ball Animation

Animating "Physics"

Frame by frame animation is VERY intuitive, but can be time consuming. Each frame in the animation is "drawn" with objects moved slightly to imply motion. Try this:
  • Create an object like a ball in one corner of your stage
  • Hit [F6] to make a copy of the object in frame 2, and move it alittle
  • Hit [F6] and again, move the object in frame 3

Continue the routine until you have about 24 frames

"Scrub" or Hit CTRL-ENTER to see a preview of your animation

Frame by frame can give you VERY precise and "organic" control over your animation, but has a few drawbacks:
  • It's very time consuming
  • It's inflexible - if you decide the ball should be green, you may have to spend a long time repainting all those frames

The Bouncing Ball Exercise

Create a 24fps animation of a bouncing ball that employs Stretch and Squash. A GREAT tutorial can be found here on Idleworm