There are several ways you can put an image into your Google webpage
    1. Store a copy of the file on your P drive FIRST!
    2. INSERT - IMAGE (from the dropdown menu) and use UPLOADED IMAGES - You can UPLOAD an image to the current page.
    1. INSERT - IMAGE and use WEB ADDRESS - if you've copied the URL of an image on the web, putting it in here means that you can "borrow" the image from that other location
    1. INSERT and look for DRIVE - IMAGE to use an image stored on your Google Drive!
      WARNING: Photos from your GOOGLE DRIVE folder MUST be SHARED to anyone with teh link in order to be visible on your webpage
  • TIPS
    • Use a LOW to MEDIUM RESOLUTION setting on your camera to save time and filespace - 1280x720 (1MP) is typically all you need for full screen image
    • Once inserted, click the SIZE button to customize the image so it fits properly

    • Use INSERT - IMAGE - UPLOADED IMAGES to add YOUR image to the front page of your portfolio

Go find another image on the internet that you think would enhance the front page of your portfolio and try adding it!
Other media can be added using the appropriate "gadgets"


    • Using a point and shoot camera on a tripod, you can shoot video by adjusting the camera mode (the dial at the top of the camera)
    • Keep the video segments short - 10-20 seconds is plenty of time
    • The files should be in AVI or MOV format

    • For SHORT videos
      • Log into your GoogleDoc account
      • Use the UPLOAD FILE function and upload your video
      • Set the SHARING options to allow anyone with the link to view it
    • For LONGER videos
      • Activate your school YouTube account and upload the video there. (Observe the class privacy policies in your upload content and settings)
      • Locate and copy the appropriate EMBED CODE

    • EDIT your webpage
    • For YOUTUBE or GOOGLEDOC uploaded videos
      • Go to the INSERT dropdown and look for VIDEO
      • Choose the appropriate source
      • Select the file you uploaded and click OKAY
    • For SCHOOLTUBE or VIMEO videos
      • Go to INSERT and look at the bottom of the list and locate MORE GADGETS
      • Click on the FEATURED option and select the EMBED GADGET (NOTE - this gadget was failing in fall 2013 and may not work anymore)
      • PASTE the embed code into the properties of the gadget, and your video should appear

There are LOTS of things you can fine tune in your video embed
  • the SIZE, colour and titles of your video as it will appear on the website
  • Pay attention to the PIXEL DIMENSIONS of your video, and make sure it matches the dimensions Googlesites will use to display it