Locate the GALLERY of portfolios either from our class agenda, or from the link in the top left corner of YOUR portfolio.
Your task is to QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY create a REPORT identifying the TOP THREE Portfolio examples from this year, or if need be, any prior years of this course. (You can review the Evaluation rubric for Googlesite portfolios to see how they are actually being evaluated)
  1. As an individual, or in a small group
    1. One student should create a new GOOGLE DOCUMENT called "Portfolio Peer Evaluation - class - members" that is shared between all members AND the teacher.
    2. Choose a class to evaluate, and copy their links to your review document
    3. Divide up the candidates, and assign a student to each subgroup
  2. Find the BEST examples among relevant portfolios
    1. Each member must look through their share to find their BEST candidate
    2. Copy the links of the top 1-3 finalists to a "finalists" list at the top of the document.
    3. MAKE NOTES of the particular STRENGTHS for each to those top portfolios - WHY do they make the student look good? What are the qualities that make them outstanding?
  • As a group, select the SINGLE BEST example
    1. Review all your finalists, and choose the winner
    2. Create a list of the TOP 5 most important Characteristics of an exemplary Student Portfolio
    3. Copy and paste your report into a new page on your portfolio!
YOUR Report's evaluation:
  • FORMAT - How effective is the PRESENTATION of your findings? Is it NEAT, and ORGANIZED? Is it easy to read?
  • CONTENT - How good are your findings? As a group, have you effectively reviewed a sufficient BREADTH of candidate portfolios? Have you included sufficient detail to make your review meaningful? Is your top recommendation well considered and well explained?