Your objective is to produce and post an ideal PHOTO of yourself to the frontpage of your portfolio

STEP ONE: Take a picture

  • You can either use your own device, or borrow a classroom camera from the teacher
  • Consider the FORMAT of the photo (ie whitescreen, grayscreen, Medium Close-Up, Extreme Close-Up)
  • Consider adding CONTENT to the photo ("story" or context, props)

STEP TWO: Upload it to your Website

A photo taken on your mobile device can be sent through WiFi from your cellphone to your account easily -
  • Send Photos to yourself through EMAIL from your device (SHARE) - then open up your desktop browser and DOWNLOAD the file - It should arrive in your P: Drive. Move it from there to an appropriate folder on your P: Drive and name it properly
  • ALTERNATIVELY - Install GOOGLE DRIVE on your mobile device, and you can SHARE photos to your Googledrive with just a couple of taps. Then on your desktop browser, download the file to your P: drive and name it appropriately - move it into an appropriate folder as well.
  • Photos sent from your phone likely need to be UNBLOCKED in order to be submitted through HANDINS

Use this assignment to become familiar with the Design Process
Use this assignment to become familiar with the Design Process

  • Figure out what looks good BEFORE you start taking pictures
  • Look at the cover photos of OTHER portfolios that you admire
    • What are the dimensions of those photos? How much of the screen did they cover?
    • What sort of COMPOSITION, LIGHTING, BACKGROUND and POSE did they use?
    • Determine the IDEAL size and ASPECT RATIO for the photo
  • Check your equipment - what settings are required?
  • Find with a partner who can help you take the shot
  • Decide what equipment you might need - camera? tripod? lighting? reflector? What settings should be set on the camera?
  • Decide WHERE you want to take the photo - secure permission from your instructor, and plan how much time you'll need
  • Get to the location and secure the shot
  • Try variations while you're there - with, without supplemental lighting? flash? alternate backgrounds
  • Return to the class asap
    • Upload the images
    • Process the images and choose the best
  • Add the image to your portfolio!
  • Take a look at the work that other students managed to complete!