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HTML is a kind of computer programming at it's simplest. You are effectively "programming" a webpage to display or "format" information in whatever way you want for transmission over the internet.

HTML is a "computer code" that is written into a text file, and interpreted by a "Web Browser" to put the information back together.

To get started:
  1. Create a new HTML folder on your Server Space
  2. READ the first two pages at W3Schools HTML Intro
    1. You can download their "test web" files to your H: drive and and see how they work
  3. Follow the instructions below and try starting up a new webpage on your computer


  1. Create an HTML folder on your serverwebpages-setup.gif
  2. RIGHT MOUSECLICK in that folder and create a new "text document"
  3. Rename the file to "index.htm"
  4. Double click the file, and it opens up in your INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER
  5. In your WEB BROWSER, right mouseclick and VIEW SOURCE - the file will open up in NOTEPAD
  6. Position your BROWSER and NOTEPAD windows so you can see BOTH on the screen. RIGHT CLICK in the TASKBAR at the bottom of the screen, and choose "TILE VERTICALLY".
    1. Notepad will be your webpage EDITOR, while IE is your webpage BROWSER
    2. You have to click REFRESH (or hit F5) in IE to view your changes in the webpage.

Anytime you edit your webpages, set up your windows as in step 6 so that editing goes smoothly.

Curriculum Reference:
Communicate design and research ideas and solutions
through a variety of media;
– share information using media tools and a variety of technologies;
– write simple computer programs to manipulate text and graphics.

Sample Projects and Assignments
Skill building web pages
Page 1 - external image msword.png Devoir1.doc
Page 2 - external image msword.png Devoir2.doc
Page 3 - external image msword.png Devoir3.doc
Page 4 - external image msword.png Devoir4.doc
Page 5 - external image msword.png Devoir 5.doc
Web Page Project - external image msword.png Le projetIII.doc

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