June 13th, 2011 - Summative Completion

  • Monday
    • Summative Production Time
    • Remember that the WEBSITE as well as the product is due by the end of the week
  • Tuesday
    • SummativeProduction Time
      • The Router Table fence has been damaged - be careful to CLAMP the fence
      • Machines are being reconfigured daily - always check the measurements and angles
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

June 6th, 2011 - Summative Production

  • Monday
    • SummativeProduction Time
      • Time is of the essence - you must use your class time efficiently and effectively
      • IF your plans were approved, you may begin the production part of the cycle
      • IF your plans were deemed infeasible given the time constraints, your will be assigned the Treasure Box project plans (3/4" or 1/2" stock)
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

May 30th, 2011 - Summative Development

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • Complete Frame Project webpage
    • Summative Planning Time - presume you are planning the Treasure Box unless you're research was approved for an alternative
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Mr May is away today
    • Summative Research & Planning is DUE by the end of the period - post work on your portfolio pages
    • Complete Stock Request form based on your proposed plans
  • Friday

May 23rd, 2011 - Frame Project Conclusion

  • Monday - HOLIDAY
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Mr May is away today - there will be no access to the work shop
    • Picture Frame Project Conclusion - complete your work on your web portfolio for the picture frame
    • Summative - Use this time to Research and when ready, Plan your summative project - use your website to organize your work. Build the appropriate menu structure.
  • Friday

May 16th, 2011- Frame Project

  • Monday
    • Picture FrameProject
      • Should be completed today or tomorrow
      • Glass can be cut when project has been assembled
      • HOMEWORK: Marks are based on the product, as well as WEBSITE presentation: Research. Planning, Fabrication, Reflection
      • You have five weeks to research, plan, build and reflect on your MASTERPIECE!
  • Tuesday
    • Students can work at the computers to:
      1. Update and Improve their Portfolio Websites
      2. Begin SUMMATIVE PROJECT preparation:
      - Read the information on the wiki regarding the Summatives
      - Begin research and planning for the summative project
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

May 9th, 2011- Frame Project


May 2nd, 2011 - Frame Project

  • Monday - Mr. May is away today - computer work only
    • 1. MICRO ASSIGNMENT: You're going to need a STAND or easel for your picture frame- we will have plenty of suitable pieces of scrap wood left over from the picture frame production
      • Use the design process to design a FUNCTIONAL and ATTRACTIVE stand
        • RESEARCH
          • How Wide and how Tall should the stand be?
          • What angle should the stand hold the frame at?
        • PLAN
          • Create a NEW Sketchup plan for a stand
          • Find a good way to join a horizontal and vertical piece together
          • Print out your plan for tomorrow
    • UPDATE your portfolio webpages with your picture frame "Micro Assignment"
    • Create an accurate 3D model of YOUR picture frame if it doesn't already exist - learn to use the "Follow Me" tool to cut bevels around the outside edge of the frame (look for the video on the "Follow Me" tool in our TIJ1O handouts folder
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Mr May is away today
    • PORTFOLIO WEBPAGES - MANY students need to improve the content of their portfolio pages - Use this period to make it ready for evaluation
      • Review the notes on the picture frame - particularly for the questions your research should have answered
      • Update your plans with your LATEST version - be sure they are complete!
      • Include a section with plans for a the picture frame STAND you were to have designed last Monday - inlcude a complete sketchup plan
    • Look at the Portfolios of OTHER students in our class, as well as those of other classes; if you were the teacher grading them:
      • Who would achieve the highest marks for portfolio completion?
      • Who's portfolio would you find the most clearly organized?
      • Can you use your observations to improve your OWN portfolio?
  • Friday

April 25th, 2011 - Frame Project

  • Monday - HOLIDAY!
  • Tuesday
    • Complete Plans, and begin marking your dressed wood
    • Set up the (new?) Fence for rip cuts
  • Wednesday
    • Sketchup Demo - planning frames
      • The OFFSET Tool
      • The Tape Measure Tool
    • Picture FramePROCEDURE LIST... this is kinda important
      • RIPS CUTS x 2
      • MITRE CUTS (Crosscuts)
    • Mark Stock for Picture Frames IF your plans are
      • Complete (including a "cut plan")
      • Competent
      • Printed
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Picture FrameShop work Procedure:
      • Mark stock
      • Set Fence on Bandsaw and Rip Cut
      • Bevel edges on Router Table
      • 45 degree cuts to length on Mitre Saw

April 18th, 2011 - Frame Project

  • Monday
    • Midterm Marks & Reflections
    • Frame Plans - Fix 'em and Print 'em
    • Complete your Stock Request form for the framing project
  • Tuesday
    • Review stock specifications - we need to plan better
  • Wednesday
    • Create a plan of the CUTS to your stock - post all plans on your website
  • Thursday
    • Last day for planning - Planing

April 11th, 2011 - Frame Project

  • Monday
    • YoYo Website Review
    • Frame Project - Research and Planning
  • Tuesday
    • Students should complete their picture frame RESEARCH section of their websites
    • Students should review the Sketchup PLANS section of the wiki and prepare PLANS for their picture frame - post the results onto your websites
  • Wednesday
    • Update your FRAME webpages with your research
    • Develop your PLANS in Sketchup
  • Thursday
    • Decide on the THICKNESS of the stock that you'll need
    • Complete your Sketchup Plans and post them to your project webpages
  • Friday
    • Class will proceed to the gymnasium to help set up for the OSCARS show

April 4th, 2011 - Yo Yo Project

  • Monday
    • Yo Yo Wrap Up
      • FINISH UP in the shop if need be
      • COMPLETE your website WITH pictures for evaluation (homework if not completed by the end of class)
  • Tuesday
    • Link Crew Academic Follow-Up (AFU) - go to your respective group meeting places
  • Wednesday
    • Complete Yo-Yos
    • Complete Portfolio pages
  • Thursday
    • New Shop Skills for creating frames - making 45 degree cuts
      • The Mitre Saw (or Chop Saw) for angled cuts
      • Using a Fence for ripping parallel sides
    • BEGIN RESEARCH and PLANNING for Picture Frames
    • BRING IN FRAMES TOMORROW - Primary Research
  • Friday
    • Review Portfolio Pages
    • Examine YOUR picture frame
      • Record the "components" and features of the frame
      • Acquire Measurements that could be used for your project
    • Complete the research portion of your project website
    • Create PLANS for your project

March 28th, 2011 - Yo Yo Project

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Class moved to the LIBRARY COMPUTER LAB due to Literacy Testing today
    • Intro to Photoshop
    • Create a NEW link on your portfolio called "Photoshop" and INSERT your Happy Face JPG(s) on that page before the class ends!
  • Friday
    • Measurement Test Results
    • Photoshop Cropping
    • Yo Yo Production - Final Day!

March 21st, 2011 - Yo Yo Project

  • Monday
    • Black Monday
    • Yo Yo Production Resumes
  • Tuesday
    • Yo Yo Production
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday - Shortened Class
    • Imperial Measurement - Bring a pencil and paper!
    • Picture Frame - Bring in a FRAME to measure!
  • Friday
    • Measurement Test!!
    • Yo Yo Production

- M A R C H B R E A K -
Week of

Mar 7th, 2011 - Yo Yo Project

  • Monday
    • Progress Reports - how it was assessed
    • Safety Test feedback
    • YoYo Planning - Dressing Stock?
  • Tuesday
    • Safety re-test tomorrow?
    • PLANS READY? Complete the Stock Request form
    • DRESSING STOCK - Field trip to the big shop downstairs?
    • MARKING STOCK - You NEED to mark your cutlines!
  • Wednesday
    • Safety Re-Test
    • Procedure Lists
    • Marking Your Cuts
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Week of

Feb 28th, 2011 - Yo Yo Project

  • Monday
    • Safety Test follow-up
    • Video Presentation
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Adding pages to your web portfolio
    • Complete the Reseearch your YoYo project - what at the specifications for your plans?
  • Thursday
    • The safety test will tentatively be delayed until tomorrow - Use this period to STUDY if you have to write it!
      • Your PORTFOLIO webpage needs to SHOW your research on the Yo Yo project - finish up your research, so you can go on to make your PLANS
      • Use the GoogleSite HELP link to figure out how to CREATE and MOVE pages where they should be in your site
      • Megan, Steve and Nicola - good start on developing yourYoYo research pages
      • Develop the 2D PLANS for your YoYo in Sketchup (Don't bother making the 3D object yet!)
        • Watch the "TOOLBAR_DIMENSION" video found in the Tech Resources HANDOUTS folder (use headphones if you have them)
        • Observe how to control the font and styles of your dimensions
        • Neatly label the Dimensions on your 2D plans using the DIM tool - observe the rules of plan making in the wiki
      • Ms. Rix may have some tips on making your plans look more professional
    • EXPORT your plans as a JPG and add it to your portfolio website under an appropriate page
    • DONE?
      • Watch some of the OTHER videos in the SKETCHUP video folder
  • Friday
    • Study time for the safety test during McRead. 15 minutes. Know the parts of the machines from the pictures on the wikisite
    • Ms. Rix will conduct 11 students through the makeup Safety test
    • Students who are done with the test may finish up the research and PLANS for the YoYo project and post the results on their portfolio website. Remember the website is where you're earning your marks for INVESTIGATION and PLANNING.
    • DONE?
      • Watch some of the OTHER videos in the SKETCHUP video folder
Week of

Feb 21st, 2011 - Safety Testing

  • Monday - NO CLASSES - Family Day
  • Tuesday
    • GoogleSites- create and register the URL for your site
      • Add a page for your SKETCHUP plans
      • Add the JPG for Exercise#5
  • Wednesday
    • Ortho Worksheets
      • Take up Ortho Exercises D-2 and D-29
      • What are "Hidden Edges"?
      • Begin working on Ortho Challenge#1
  • Thursday
    • Complete and submit Ortho Challenge#1
    • Study for tomorrow's SAFETY TEST
    • Monday - we welcome a NEW teacher to the course
  • Friday
    • SAFETY TEST - You must achieve an 85% to be allowed to work on the machines
Week of

Feb 14th, 2011 - Measurement

  • Monday
    • Course Fees
    • Ortho Plans
      • Create a fully labelled ORTHO plan for the ISO shape in exercise5
      • When complete, save a JPG to your P: drive & Hand it in to the appropriate folder
    • Ortho Exercises - need pencil
      • Complete Unit D-2
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Complete first two pages of the Orthagraphic worksheet
    • Create a new Googlesite Portfolio page using the TIJ1O template
  • Friday - PD Day - No Classes
Week of

Feb 7th, 2011 - Measurement

  • Monday
    • By Tomorrow You Need: $20 Class Fee; Pencil & Binder
    • SketchupIn 2D
      • Complete Sketchup Exercises 1-4
      • If done
        • Try Exercise #5
        • Locate and view the Sketchup Tutorial videos from the Tech Resources Handout folder
  • Tuesday
    • SafetyDocuments - Scroll Saw & Drill Press
      • Take Notes in your binder
      • Especially observe the materials highlighted in yellow
      • Live Demo
  • Wednesday
    • Scroll Saw & Band Saw followup demo
    • Complete your Sketchup Exercise#5
    • Attempt to create a Sketchup Orthographic Planof Exercise #5
      • Create a JPG of your plan and submit it to the appropriate handins folder
    • Collect an Orthographic worksheet
  • Thursday
    • Safety Documents - Drill Press & Belt Sander
    • Notes & Demo
  • Friday
Week of

Feb 1st, 2011 - Welcome

  • Monday - Final Exam Day - No Classes
  • Tuesday
    • Welcome & Introductions
    • Shop Tour
    • Requirements:
      • UserID and Password
      • Binder, Pen and Paper
  • Wednesday
    • Snow Day -
    • Fun in the Sketchup Sandbox
  • Thursday 8th
    • Course Overview
    • Course requirements:
      • Binder, Pen and Paper
      • Course Fee $20 due by next Tuesday
        • Materials
        • Printing
        • Tools
    • Lab Rules
    • Computer Work
    • Computer and File Management
  • Friday
    • School Stuff
      • Class Fees
      • Review Survey Results on Google Docs Survey
    • Computer and File Management
    • Google Sketchup
      • Setting up Sketchup
      • Continue with Exercise 2 & 3
      • IF you have headphones, try watching the videos in the TIJ1O HANDOUTS folder

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

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