TIJ1O Agenda

Consult Schoology for a review of your assignments and marks!

June 17th, 2013 - Reflection

  • Monday
    • Summative Completion!
    • Portfolio Updates
  • Tuesday
    • Portfolio Updates
    • Farewell! Good luck in your Exams
  • Wednesday - Exams
  • Thursday - Exams
  • Friday - Exams

June 10th, 2013 - Summative Conclusion

  • Monday
    • What could possibly go wrong? Measure TWICE - Cut ONCE :^)
    • SUMMATIVE Project - Complete frame assembly and Stand construction asap
  • Tuesday
    • SUMMATIVE Project - Complete frame assembly and Stand construction asap
  • Wednesday
    • SUMMATIVE Project - Complete Website portfolio asap
  • Thursday
    • Mark reviews
      • The Portfolio contributes to your Communication mark - Things that cost you Portfolio marks:
        • Missing Plans - upload your Treasure Box plans TODAY!
        • Neglected sections - wasted classes
        • Plagiarism
        • Review the Googlesite instructions for help if need be
    • SUMMATIVE Project - Complete Website portfolio as soon

  • Friday

June 3rd, 2013 - Summative Project

  • Monday
  • Tuesday - Mr May is away today
    • Students should use this classroom time to:
      1. Research STAND plan designs used by students from other semesters
      2. Design and print out plans for their picture frame stands - a copy of the print outs can be left on my desk
      3. Update their portfolios with their summative plansTime's ticking - make the most of this classroom catchup time!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

May 27th, 2013 - Summative Project


May 21st, 2013 - Summative Project


May 13th, 2013 - Box Project


May 6th, 2013 - Box Project


Apr 29th, 2013 - Box Project


Apr 22nd, 2013 - Top Project Conclusion

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Top Project - Production CONCLUDES! - Time Trials!
    • Done? Complete your Production Portfolio
    • Reflections / Conclusions must be completed by Tomorrow at the end of class
  • Thursday
    • Complete and submit the Top Project
  • Friday - Mr May is away this period - you have two tasks:
    • Your Top Project Website Portfolio will be marked this weekend!
      • Complete the PRODUCTION and CONCLUSION webpages THIS PERIOD!
      • Add a photo of your finished product to the main project page
    • Begin research for the Treasure Box project
      • Understand the difference between a lap joint and a miter joint
      • Choose which style of box you'd like to make
      • Try to model your designs in sketchup

Apr 15th, 2013 - Top Project

  • Monday
    • What did you miss on Friday? Audit your work for the Midterm Marks
    • Top Project - Production continues
  • Tuesday
    • Midterm Mark previews - no shop work
    • Portfolio Catchup day
  • Wednesday
    • Use the small vise to secure and drill dowels & handles
    • Top Project - Production continues
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Apr 8th, 2013 - Top Project

  • Monday - Demo - Bandsaw Jigs
  • Tuesday - Spin Jig
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday - We are in ROOM 337 today due to the Gr10 literacy test!
  • Friday
    • Your portfolio will contribute to your midterm mark - update immediately - they will be evaluated on Sunday Morning (you can update from home if need be)
    • Top Project - Production continues for those that come to school

Apr 1st, 2013 - Top Project Production

  • Monday - HOLIDAY!
  • Tuesday
    • Lessons
      • Plan Audit
      • Taking Pictures to track your Production
      • Demo - Rough Cut & Marking
    • Classwork - COMPLETE, SUBMIT and POST your planning - begin production!
  • Wednesday
    • Demo - After Marking:
      • Drillpress x 2
      • RoughCut & Relief Cuts
      • Bandsaw - Flywheel using a jig?
  • Thursday
    • Check the Audit - if your plans aren't handed in, you NEED to meet Mr May at 8:30 tomorrow AM
    • Top Project - Production
  • Friday

Mar 25th, 2013 - Top Project Plans

  • Monday
    • PT Interviews - we WILL look through your portfolios - make them good!
    • Top Project
      • Build a feasible PROCEDURE LIST on your Portfolio page
      • Complete your Top Planning
  • Tuesday
    • Complete the plans for your Top Project - Print and Post
      • (You should try submitting the JPG through Schoology as well)
    • Practical Production can start when your Planning is done!
  • Wednesday
    • Complete your Top Project plans! Let's get into the shops!
  • Thursday
    • Complete your Top Project plans! Let's get into the shops!
  • Friday - Holiday

Mar 18th, 2013 - Top Project Research

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • Big Shops - Dress your Stock!
  • Wednesday
    • The payoff of doing good Research
    • Continue Research and Planning for the Top Project
    • Check the assignment audit - complete any outstanding work!
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Assignment Audit - Ex4... still?
    • Website Check

- M A R C H B R E A K -

Mar 4th, 2013 - Making Plans

  • Monday
    • Assignment Audit - Results of Quizzes and Ex4
    • Sketchup: Inferencing and making Copies
    • Using Google Drive (GDrive)
    • 203 Measurement Exercise - Form groups of up to 3 and establish the dimensions of this room. Record your measurements before the end of the class
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Safety
    • Sketchup Plans
      • How to make Plans in Sketchup - Saving Images and Printing
        • Creating JPGS; Adding your ISOMETRIC model the easy way
      • This period: Complete a set of plans for the object in Ex4
        • HAND IN your SKP file
        • Create a JPG and post it to your Portfolio
  • Thursday
    • The General Safety test
    • Complete and submit your Ex4 plans in THREE different formats:
      • Printed and handed in
      • SKP submitted to the handins folder
      • JPG posted on your web portfolio
  • Friday
    • Complete your Quizzes if need be
    • Complete Ex4 plans x 3 from yesterday
    • WHEN you've completed the above, THEN you can try modelling your room, or room 203 from your earlier measurements. Consider trying to model furniture as well!

Feb 25th, 2013 - Sketchup

  • Monday
    • Progress Reports and Assignment Audits
      • Band Saw & Drill Press Test results
    • Sketchup Navigation with mouse shortcuts
      • Complete tutorial Assignments Intro, Part1, Part2, Part3 today
    • Prepare for Disc Sander quiz next
  • Tuesday
    • Sketchup - How to achieve ACCURACY in Sketchup
    • Safety Studies
      • Disc Sander lesson, tour and quiz
      • Drill Press re-quiz for those who require it
    • Begin Sketchup Exercise 4
  • Wednesday
    • Google Concept - You put measurements on a model with DIMENSIONING
    • Measurement Exercise - How tall is the classroom door?
    • Study and Requiz the Band Saw, Drill Press and Disc Sander for those that need to earn their pass
      Complete and submit Sketchup Exercise 4
    • HOMEWORK - Record the key dimensions of your bedroom at home - sketch the layout on a piece of paper. Tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to model the room using Sketchup
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Assignment Audit
    • Miter Saw Safety - safety quiz today

Feb 18th, 2013 - Safety Studies

  • Monday - Holiday
  • Tuesday
    • Review of last weeks assignments
      • Schoology Warm Up Quiz
      • Banners
    • Band Saw Safety prep
    • Study the Drill Press next!
  • Wednesday
    • Band Saw - Question review & Tour
    • Band Saw Quiz on Schoology - this counts!
  • Thursday
    • Band Saw Review and Shop Tour
    • Drill Press Intro
  • Friday
    • Drill Press Review and Quiz
    • Intro to Sketchup - Download and complete SPT-A_Intro.skp
    • Bring in headphones next week so that you can view the Sketchup Video Tutorials

Feb 11th, 2013 - Schoology

  • Monday - Mr May is away today - please COMPLETE the folllowing in today's class
    • Mr McCulloch introduced SAFETY CONCERNS and took the students on a shop safety tour
  • Tuesday
    • Portfolio reviews and repairs - Creating consistent, meaningful websites
    • BEGIN Googlesites Modifying the Banner - try to update your portfolio banner TASTEFULLY

  • Wednesday - Mr May is away today - please COMPLETE the folllowing in today's class
    • SCHOOLOGY: Copy the access code 2PPJ9-NZ75V and follow these SCHOOLOGY INSTRUCTIONS
      • Complete the "Class Rules" test (independantly) on Schoology if you can find it
    • COMPLETE Googlesites Modifying the Banner - try to update your portfolio banner TASTEFULLY
    • Complete GoogleSites Principles of Design - your work should be a new page in your portfolio NOTES
  • Thursday
    • SCHOOLOGY: Nice work on the online quiz yesterday - five students still need to sign up for SCHOOLOGY and complete the quiz - they should do that today!
    • BANNERS - A few students (Eleni, Jessica) have done a GREAT job! Those who need the time should complete the Modifying the Banner exercise and try to perfect it today!
    • Learn about the BAND SAW: Students should locate the SAFETY DOCUMENTS; begin studying and watching videos for the stationary tool called the BAND SAW, and test themselves answering the questions in that document - use headphones if you have them to reduce class noise when watching a video. This will be tested next week.
  • Friday - PD Day - no classes!

Feb 4th, 2013 - Rules & Portfolios

  • Monday
    • Seating assignments
    • The wiki - Assignment Audits and survey results
    • What is Exploring Tech? Rules and Tools!
      • How to be Resourceful - Have a plan!
      • PROBLEM SOLVING - Use The Design Process
    • Lab Safety & Classroom Rules
      • Before you are allowed to use the computers, you are required to RTM - AUP
    • Classwork:
      • WHAT IS THE AUP?
        See if you can locate it before the period ends - begin reading it
        Be ready to answer the following question tomorrow:
        "What might be a consequence of violating the OCDSB's Computer AUP?"
  • Tuesday
    • DISCUSSION - So where is the AUP and what can you
    • Your SERVER SPACE (P: drive)
      • How do you know when you're almost out of space? Monitoring Filesizes (Be resourceful)
      • Read and complete Exercise #1 and #2 at the bottom of the File Management instructions BEFORE the end of the class today - it will be checked in the last 10 minutes of the class!

  • Wednesday - Mr May is away today, but there's lots to do - read carefully, and you should be able to find all the answers in this wiki! Today, you create your GoogleSite Portfolio.
    • Googledocs - follow these instructions to Log ON to your google account
      • if can't remember your password or userid - read those LOG ON instructions again!
      • If you actually don't have an account yet, ask the teacher or find a friend who does and have them email Mr May requesting assistance - I'll try to watch at the beginning of the class to fix accounts if need be.
    • GoogleSites

    • Register your portfolio address using the form on the front page of your new portfolio
    • Portfolio RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT - Identified below are two of the top portfolios from last semester. There's a link to the gallery in the top left corner of your new portfolio.
      • In groups of two, study the portfolios and and try to identify what looks impressive when showing your work in this manner. What works well, or what could be done better? What might YOU do the same, or differently to clearly demonstrate your production skills?
      • Each student should then create a NEW NOTE in their OWN portfolio that identifies these characteristics, and ranks them in order of importance
      • The portfolios to study are those of JAKE and ABBY

      • Done? How do you know when you're almost out of space? Consult the File Management Rules for a video tip and check your folder space

  • Thursday
    • File Management review - New skills
    • Class and Shop Rules - We will have a quiz!
    • Schoology
    • Tour of the shop? - time to learn the band saw
  • Friday
    • Schoology - Join our class and create an account
      • The Class Code is 2PPJ9-NZ75V
      • Your Userid and name should be accurate - this is for marks
    • Online Quiz - Class and File Management Rules - are you ready?
    • Shop Tour
Friday, Feb 1st - WELCOME! You found the Agenda!
Please complete the following before period ends!

IF you notice that there aren't enough computers for all the students in the class, please be prepared to offer your computer to the next student waiting once you're done

  • BOOKMARK this page from your school computer account, and bookmark it at home as well
  • This wikisite is our "online textbook" - Browse through some of the topics in the left hand menu to get an idea of the kind of material we may be covering, or watch some sample videos
  • Be sure to properly SHUT DOWN your computer after you're done - See you Monday!

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday