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Week of November 6th, 2017

Week10: Completion

  • Monday
    • Assignment Audit
    • Complete Summatives, Portfolios
  • Tuesday
    • Final Assignment Audit
    • Complete Summatives, Portfolios
  • Wednesday - SWITCH with TIJ1O.01
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Week of October 30th, 2017

Week9: Summative/Portfolio

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Mr May is away today - you have this period to update your Portfolios and Summative projects
    • CHECK THE ASSIGNMENT AUDIT - If there are assignments that you have NOT completed and submitted yet, it will impact your mark unless completed by tomorrow. Check your emails for individual messages
    • We will have a show & tell of all student work in tomorrow's class. Be sure to complete anecdotes for your portfolio work!
  • Friday
    • Assignment Audit
    • Schoology Mark Preview
    • Portfolio and Summative Completion
    • Monday and Tuesday
Week of October 16th, 2017

Week8: Summative

  • Monday
    • The Design Cycle
    • Read and understand your Summative Project instructions
    • Create a website and add it's LINK to your main portfolio. Put a link from your summative BACK to your portfolio as well
  • Tuesday
    • Assignment Audit
    • Summative Project deadline and development
    • Be sure that you have LINKED to your summative from your regular portfolio
    • Be sure that you have SHARED co-ownernership of your summative site with your teacher
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Week of October 23rd, 2017

Week7: Audio

Week of October 9th, 2017

Week6: Flash & Portfolios

  • Monday - Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday
    • Assignment Audit & Progress Reports
    • Splashpage Animations & EMBEDDING to Portfolios
  • Wednesday
    • Time for - Animation completion, Portfolio updating, Anecdotes,
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Portfolio Audit
      • Happy Friday! Use this period to complete ALL your work and bring your portfolio up to date!
    • Done? Try Adding Frame by Frame to your STOPPED Splashpage animation
Week of October 2nd, 2017

Week5: Flash Animation

  • Monday
    • Photoshop Saucer audit - last class for submissions today
      • AN8 file - Name it appropriately (LNF) and submit to Google Classroom
      • SCENE jpg (1280x720)
        Named Appropriately and submitted to Google Classroom and posted on your portfolio
      • POSTER jpg (3400x2200) Named Appropriately and submitted to Google Classroom and posted on your portfolio
    • Intro to Flash Animation - Setup - Symbols and Tweening
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Progress Reports Next Week - Assignment Audit
    • Submitting Assignments
    • Continue your Splashpage Animation project - Part Two: Opacity and Size and Part Three: Easing
  • Thursday
    • Complete your Splashpage Animation project: Part Four: Actionscript
    • Submit your FLA (even if it's not done yet) to the Google Classroom
    • Post any updates to your portfolio
  • Friday
    • PD - Day - no classes!
Week of September 25th, 2017

Week4: Saucer Poster

  • Monday
    • While you're waiting for class
      • Copy this code M8HRJ-GHCCC
        and create your Schoology Account - This is where your marks will be collected and feedback given
    • Assignment Audit: did you hand in YOUR Personal Logo?
    • Create blueprints for your COMPLETED Saucer, and post it to your portfolio!
    • Create a SCENE with your 3D Model
  • Tuesday
    • Assignment Audit
    • Are you ready to hand in your 3D Saucer Model (AN8) file to the Google Classroom?
    • Lighting and Rendering your Models
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Saucer Poster Project - conclusion
    • Use GOOGLE CLASSROOM to hand in your
      • AN8 Saucer model,
      • your scene JPG (1280x720)
      • and your Saucer Poster JPG (3400x2200)
Week of September 18th, 2017

Week3: 3D Modelling

  • Monday - Cleanup
    • Assignment and Logo Audit - What's with the bevelled borders?
    • Complete your Personal Logo! Consider REVISION to impress!
    • DONE? Take on the bonus EMOJI CHALLENGE!
    • Create appropriate pages on your portfolio and add relevant anecdotes!
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Week of September 11th, 2017

Week2: Portfolios and Photoshop

  • Monday
    • While you're waiting for class to start -
      • Check McNews for the day's announcements
      • COPY this code sd3v4w and Join our Google Classroom
      • Check the assignment audit to see that your work due last week is up to date
      • Take a look at last year's Student Portfolios - make special note of the those with an asterix (*)
    • Add Windows Shortcuts to our Handins/Handouts
    • GoogleSites
      • Create a TIJ1O Portfolio Site before the end of this period: Don't customize or trick it out yet - just follow the plan as written.
      • Register your portfolio address using the form on the front page of your new portfolio
      • Read "Controlling Pages" - Create and organize pages you thing will be used in this course
      • Clean up the Front Page by reading the instructions there, and removing the URL form
      • Using the tips of Photography BLT&F, upload a photo of YOU to your portfolio front page
    • Portfolio Assignment Audit
  • Tuesday
    • Googlesite Portfolio Audit
    • Time to learn PHOTOSHOP
    • Take a look at what previous students did in the portfolio gallery, and take note of what looks MOST impressive to you.
    • Start Photoshop Elements8 on your computer and follow the instructions to create your own Portfolio Banner (This will demand a lot of careful reading). Try to incorporate the best principles of design into YOUR banner.
  • Wednesday
    • Check McNews while you wait for class to start
    • Complete and install your Portfolio Banner
    • Done? Find a partner, and take an OPTIMAL BLT&F LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION photo of them using natural light. Send it to them by GMail!
    • Photoshop lessons:
    • Install an 800x450 pixel image that you search for on Google onto your front page
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Check McNews and the Assignment Audit while you wait for class to start!
    • Complete your Personal Logo!
    • Create a new page on your portfolio for your new logo and add relevant anecdotes
    • Show and tell at the end of the period
Week of Sept 4th, 2017

Week 1: Rules and Tools

  • Monday - Holiday
  • Tuesday - First Day of the Semester - Introductions
    • CONGRATULATIONS! You found the Agenda!
    • Systems Check - Computers - Computer Accounts - Google Accounts
    • What's the course about? Course Structure HardTech and SoftTech
    • Please complete the following before period ends!
      • Be sure to properly SHUT DOWN your computer after you're done - See you tomorrow!

  • Wednesday - Safety Rules on using Technology - the AUP
    • Complete this INTRODUCTORY SURVEY
    • SET UP your computer by SYNCing CHROME and Setting up Windows
      • BOOKMARK this page from your school account, and bookmark it at home as well
    • Explore this wiki to see if you can find examples of sample projects
    • Recap yesterday - check the agenda! Did you complete yesterday's assignment?
    • GoogleDocs Review
    • RULES
      • Lab Rules & the AUP
      • What does RTM mean?
      • AUP Rules - Lab Rules - Clothing Rules
      • What's the payoff for following the rules?

  • Thursday - Setting up your Virtual Workspace: P Drive and Portfolios
    • Check McNews!
    • What s the Assignment Audit?
    • EXERCISE - Rules to protect your data
      • Read and Complete the "Folder Management" and "About Me" Exercise under File Rules
      • Create and organize folders you thing will be used in this course
    • GMail Account Checkup - are they all working?
    • Intro to Photography
  • Friday
    • Photography File Management review - what went wrong and how to fix it: Learn how to UNBLOCK files
      • Resubmit your FIXED files
    • Photography basics - BLT&F
    • Take a SECOND set of selfies demonstrating the tips you learned in BLT&F - Submit this "After" picture to the same handin folder as we used yesterday
  • Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

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