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Monday May 27th
Work on summative plans, procedure
Make sure your box web site is complete
Go to:
and modify your banner using a picture of yourself. You may take a picture using the camera and then load it onto your computer using the card reader (in the box on my desk)

Tuesday May 28th - Friday May 31
Work on summative: everyone should be in the shop!
Monday May 27
I will be absent: Continue to work on your summative

Thursday May 23 - Friday May 24th
Continue working on summative

Wednesday May 22
Start of summative project
Summavtive project - Picture Frame or Redo of Box
Click here for details

Tuesday May 21
Finishing up boxes
Monday May 20

Tuesday May 14 - Friday May 17
In the shop working on box project

Monday May 13th
If you are not finished the Sketchup assingment from Thrus and Friday, work on them.
If you are finished all the excersises then make sure that your website is completely up to date.
Tomorrow we will be in the shop.

Thursday May 9 - Friday May 10th
Go to:SketchUp practice
Complete exercises 1 and 2 and choose one or two of the optional exercises.
You do not have to do them in order but do save your work.
I will check what you have accomplished on Monday and give you a mark based on what you have accomplished.

Monday May 6 - Wednesday May 6
Work on treasure box
Update web site as you work filling in procedures

Monday April 29 - Friday May 3
Work on treasure box
Update web site as you work filling in procedures

Friday April 26th 2013
Do assignment on photography
Click here to download assignment
Assignment is also in Handout folder named photography.doc

Monday April 22 - Thursday April 24
Watch video on making a box
Continue with plans and construction in woodshop

Friday April 12th
Find 7 different ways to join wood.
Name them, explain how to make them, and find a picture that illustrates the joint.
Give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each type of joint

Thursday April 11th
Link Crew AFU

Wednesdau April 10th
Router review
Router Quiz
Research for Treasure box

Tuesday April 9th
Introduction to Router table
Finish web sites for Spin Top
  • Intro page
  • Research - including references
  • Planning - Your plans from Sketch Up
  • Reflections - what went well, what didn't, what would you do differently next time?
Monday April 8th
Spin top competition
Time to beat - 3:26

Wednesday Mach 20th - Friday April 5th
In the shop working on projects

Tuesday March 19th
(in the Big shop)
Choosing wood
Planing wood to 3/4 inch
Marking peices and cutting with miter saw

Monday March 18th
Unit on lumber dressing and selection
click here for link

Wednesday March 6th
Practical test - miter saw, for those who achieved 85% or more on quiz
Continue to redo quizes for which you have not acheived 85% or more (today band saw and scroll saw)
Continue to research for top project - modify web page
Work on plans for top project - save a .jpg version to include on your web site

Tuesday March 5th
Review of Miter Saw (see link below)
Quiz on Miter Saw
Continue with project - research, plans and procedure

Monday March 4th
Review of Sander
Reading rules and operation of spindle sander
Sander quiz -
Intro to miter saw
Project briefing - plans, procedure

Friday March 1st
Intro to sander
Continue with research of top project
Finish practical testing of Drill press

Thursday Feb 28th
  • Complete GoogleSites Principles of Design - your work should be a new page in your portfolio NOTES
  • To create a new page go to Unit 2 Communications - Google docs - controlling pages
  • Start the research part of your 1st project (TOP) and update your web page appropriately click here for project details

Tuesday Feb 26th
Drill Press review
Quiz Drill Press -
Practical test for drill press
Finish plans, print and hand in

Monday Feb 25
Complete plans for figure below
Follow instructions to print and save an image of your plans
Print and hand in the plans

Friday Feb 21
Follow instructions for plans (Unit 3 - Sketchup)

Thurs Feb 20Practice2 copy.jpg
Wed Feb 19
Tuesday Feb 18

Monday - Family Day

Friday - PD day

Thursday Feb 14th

Wednesday Feb 13th
Sketch up video #3
Sketch house/Sketch shape in handout

Tuesday Feb 12th
Intro to Portfolios
Start building protfolios - Go to: 2 Communications/ Google Sites
Follow the instructions...carefully

Monday Feb 11th
Scroll saw quiz
Sketch up Part 2
Try Sketch up- continue with house

Friday Feb 8th
Introduction to drill press
Introduction to Sketch-up
Try Sketch-up - Build a house

Thrusday Feb 7th
Review tools and rules (Band saw and scroll saw)
Band saw test -
Measuring practice (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2)
Imperial system

Wednesday Feb 6th
Scroll saw demo and rules
Wood - types
Cuts - types

Tuesday Feb 5th
Band Saw Demo and Rules

Monday Feb 4th
Quiz on tools
General Lab Rules - ACU agreement
Complete exercises 1 and 2 after reading File Management Click here.

Friday Feb 1 st
Tour of shop
Introduction to tools
  • Band saw
  • Scroll saw
  • Router
  • Compound Miter saw (chop saw)
  • Disk, belt and drum sanders