Feb 1 - Welcome

  • Monday - Final Exam Day - No Classes
  • Tuesday - Computer lab re-image day 1
    • Welcome & Introductions
    • Shop Tour
    • Requirements:
      • UserID and Password
      • Binder, Pen and Paper
  • Wednesday - Computer lab re-image day 2
    • Snow Day -
    • Introduction to Drafting - Orthographic projections
  • Thursday - Review of Orthographic drawings
    • Course Overview
    • Course requirements:
      • Binder, Pen and Paper
      • Course Fee $20 due by next Wednesday
        • Materials
        • Printing
        • Tools
    • Lab Rules
  • Friday - Practice with Orthographic projections and Isometric drawings
    • Intro to Google Sketchup
    • Drawing sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
    • Reminder - Class fees due next Wednesday

Feb 7 - Google Sketchup

  • Monday - Computer Work - Logging On - Shutting Down and drafting
    • Finish drawing sheets D3\D5\F1\D27 (Any unfinished are homework!)
    • Bookmarking the Class Wikispace (TIJ1O.wikispaces.com)
    • Computer and File Management
    • Read and complete the FILE MANAGEMENT exercises
    • Fully Read and TRY USING the computer TIPS
    • Class Fees - reminder due Wed
    • Review of FILE MANAGEMENT exercises and computer TIPS
  • Tuesday - Google Sketchup
    • hand-in homework drawings
    • Setting up Sketchup
    • Exercise 1, 2 & 3 - Intro, Line tool, arc, undo, redo and paint bucket
    • IF you have headphones, watch the videos in the TIJ1O HANDOUTS folder
  • Wednesday - Google Sketchup
    • IF you have headphones, try watching the videos in the HANDOUTS folder
    • Course Fees are due
    • Sketchup exercises 4, 5 (hand in your finished dwg)
  • Thursday - Finish and hand-in exercise 5
    • Course options for Grade 10 courses will take place first thing.
    • Please be sure you have submitted the drawing package!
    • Submit Exercise 5 to the handin folder (named properly!)
  • Friday - Begin Shop Safety Part 1 - General safety
    • Drawing packages due!
    • Making plans - ortho\iso in sketchup with dimensions, titles etc.
    • Safety - The bandsaw and drill press

Feb 14 - Machine Tool Safety

  • Monday - Safety Notes and Demo
    • Continue with shop safety
    • Hand in completed Ortho drawings - from last week
    • Band saw - notes and live demo
    • Sketchup - drawing plans
  • Tuesday - SafetyNotes and Demo
    • Finish the bandsaw safety notes
    • Discussion about wood characteristics
    • Sketchup - drawing plans
  • Wednesday - SafetyNotes and Demo
    • Drill press
    • scroll saw
  • Thursday - SafetyNotes and Demo
    • Router Table
    • Create a fully labelled ORTHO plan for the ISO shape in exercise5
    • When complete, save a JPG to your P: drive & Print a copy to Room203 printer
    • Disc and Belt Sander
    • Hot Glue gun
    • Belt Sander
    • Jigsaw
    • Comprehensive Safety review (prepare for written test Tuesday)
  • Friday - PD Day - no school

Feb 22 - Plans, Safety and Portfolio

  • Monday - Family Day - No School
  • Tuesday - Drawing Plans
    • Drawing plans with Sketchup (Guidelines)
    • Create a fully labelled ORTHO plan for the ISO shape in exercise5
    • When complete, save a JPG to your P: drive & Print a copy to Room203 printer
    • Study for safety test
  • Wednesday - Design Process + Yo-Yo Project
    • Finish your plan from exercise 5, save it as a 2D graphic (jpg, png) print and hand-in first!
    • Let's look at the Design Process
    • We'll use this for our first project Yo-Yo's
    • Study for safety test
  • Thursday - Google Sites Portfolio
      • GoogleSites- create and register the URL for your site
        • Add a page for your SKETCHUP plans
        • Add the JPG for Exercise#5
    • Create a new Googlesite Portfolio page using the TIJ1O template
  • Friday - Safety Test
    • Continue working on your portfolio site in Google sites
    • Begin Yo-Yo design
    • Be sure your site is linked to the class portfolio page!

Feb 28 - Safety and YoYo design

  • Monday - Safety Test - Must pass this with an 85% to work in the shop
    • Begin Yoyo designs - Yo-Yo's
    • Please check your share settings and make sure that your site is visible to others
    • Update websites and make sure that the link is working on the gallery page
  • Tuesday - Continue Yoyo designs
    • Research
    • procedure lists
    • Drawings in Sketchup
    • Safety test results
  • Wednesday - Continue Yoyo designs
    • Stock prep -decide on thickness 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4"?
    • Required length?
  • Thursday - Stock management
    • Your web site and the design process - what to include? How to lay it out?
      • Do some research - wood type, size, colour, function, etc.
      • Consider photos - add some "content"
    • storing and marking your stock
  • Friday - Complete and post your Sketchup plans, procedure list and research results to your web site
    • Stock prep - jointing and planing
    • Prepare for production

Mar 7 - YoYo production

  • Monday - Continue stock prep and planing
    • Please check the share settings on your web portfolio - No on can see otherwise!
    • Shop conduct -
    • Plane and cut to length for your design
    • Be sure your completed design, research, and drawings are on your web portfolio!
  • Tuesday - Finish designs
    • Update your drawings and web portfolios
    • Marking, rough cuts, drill press
    • Don't forget to photograph and document production
    • Shop storage
  • Wednesday - Yoyo Web page design continues - production begins when web pages are complete.
    • A tour...
    • By the end of the period you should have completed your plans and research section
    • Every Site: You must have sections on:
      • 1) Research
      • 2) Procedure
      • 3) Drawings
      • 4) Conclusions (reflection)
      • Please see me if you're unsure how to add pages, links etc.
    • Set up the Page of your website to document your progress including some photos. You may also want to add links to videos, tricks, history, etc.
    • Be Creative!
  • Thursday - Yoyo project continues
    • If you want classmates to comment, you have to allow this on your site settings in google.
    • Are we ready to build?
    • Document your progress
  • Friday - Yoyo project -
    • Complete the design process
    • Document your progress
    • Construction
    • Have a great March Break!

Mar 21 - YoYo Construction & Conclusion

  • Monday
    • Yoyo production continues
    • Document as you go (photograph)
  • Tuesday
    • Yoyo production continues
  • Wednesday
    • Yoyo production continues
  • Thursday - Yoyo construction nearing completion
  • Friday - Yoyo wrap up and conclusion
    • Write your conclusion on your website (what worked etc)
    • Add some photos,
    • Evaluation

Mar 28 - Treasure Box & Nesting Box Planning

  • Monday - Finishing up the Yoyos
    • Let's look at the portfolios: What can be changed, added, polished up?
    • Organize your pages and navigation to reflect projects
    • Last day for portfolios before marking
    • YoYo Demos - Please leave your YOYO on my desk at the end of class if you want a mark!
  • Tuesday - Treasure box nesting box- planning our next project
    • Do some research and make some decisions about which project you'd like to do
    • Treasure Chest or Nesting Box
    • Draw your design in sketchup - add to portfolio
    • Modify your portfolio to incorporate this next project
    • As with the Yoyo - your next project should have a page for research, design, production and reflection
    • Be sure to follow the design process discussed in class!
  • Wednesday - Draw your design in sketchup - add to portfolio
    • Let's measure the nesting box in class - this will give us a starting point. Be sure to modify your portfolios!
  • Thursday - Literacy test - room change! Stay tuned.
  • Friday - Design review
    • Let's see how your designs are coming along.

Apr 4 - Treasure Box Construction

  • Monday - Continue work on the design and portfolio pages:
    • Treasure Chest or Nesting Box
      • Be sure to include research, drawings, pics, ideas and a reflection page in your portfolio
      • Let's finish these up ASAP so we can begin building
      • See me if you're having difficulty
  • Tuesday - Treasure box and nesting box design (We'll begin construction when everyone has their designs completed and uploaded to their portfolio. Remember your evaluation is based on design\construction\reflection!
    • Portfolio Review
    • Once completed, upload your design to your portfolio
  • Wednesday - Begin treasure box and nesting box construction if plans, procedure and research are complete.
  • Thursday - Treasure box and nesting box construction
  • Friday - Treasure box and nesting box construction

Apr 11 - Box Construction Continues

  • Monday - Treasure box and nesting box construction
    • Don't forget to document your construction process along the way (photos)
    • Update your web portfolio as you go along
  • Tuesday - Treasure box and nesting box construction
  • Wednesday - Treasure box and nesting box construction
  • Thursday - box construction continues
  • Friday - Updates to portfolio pages and box construction wrap-up

Apr 18 - Box Construction Wrap up

  • Monday- Last full period in the shop!
    • If not finished construction, please finish by end of period today
    • Portfolio editing
      • Add photos, copies of "as-built" drawings and reflection
      • You must have a research, design, and reflection page in your portfolio
  • Tuesday- Portfolio wrap-up for Treasure boxes and nesting boxes
    • Please finish any last minute details for box construction (first 30 min of class)
    • Let's see the finished product - leave on the front desk at the end of the period
  • Wednesday- Begin research for our next project - wind chimes
    • Spend time on-line researching wind chimes
    • We will be using EMT (electrical metallic tubing - "conduit")
  • Thursday- Continue research and begin your chime design (sketch and research first!)
  • Friday - Good Friday

Apr 25 - Third Design Challenge

  • Monday - Easter
  • Tuesday - ALL treasure boxes should be completed and handed in today
    • Today is portfolio finish-up day - Let's begin by reviewing your work...
    • Be sure your web site portfolio is up to date with photos of your completed project, your drawings, your research and your post-project reflections - put some thought into these!
    • Add visuals and links to the main page of each project (Not just links as subpages)
    • Please finish making changes discussed this period.
    • Remember: your evaluation is based on all of the factors - construction\design\presentation\reflection! as presented in your portfolio
  • Wednesday- Third design challenge - wind chimes using EMT (electrical metallic tubing) conduit
    • Our task is to build a complete hanging wind chime using EMT, wood, "found" materials and nylon string.
    • Use the web to research how this can be done.
    • Consider the materials, shapes, tube lengths (which determine pitch), striker height, material, etc
    • See the wiki- link for the wind chime
  • Thursday- Begin wind chime research and make a new portfolio page for the project
    • Make sure your birdhouses and treasure box (and portfolios) are FINISHED first. Then...
    • See the wind chime link to start wind chime
    • Educate yourself about how they work and what the variables are in their design
    • Spend the period on the web saving, bookmarking things you like. Take notes!
    • Determine notes and tube lengths, striker type, windcatcher type, etc
  • Friday- Continue wind chime research

May 2 - Wind Chime research and design

  • Mon - Wind chimes using EMT - research
    • Continue to research and design your chime
    • Determine notes and tube lengths, striker type, windcatcher type, etc
    • See me if you're having difficulty
  • Tue - Wind chimes using EMT - research
  • Wed - Wind chimes using EMT - research and design
    • Draw your chimes (start on paper) then in sketch up
    • Include critical dimensions, materials
  • Thu - Wind chimes using EMT - design
  • Fri - Wind chimes using EMT - design and construction (?)
    • Be sure that your portfolio reflects your design!

May 9 - Wind Chime research and design

  • Mon - Wind chime construction
    • Chop saw safety demo
    • IFyou have completed:
      • your drawings in Sketchup,
      • your procedure list and
      • have a printed copy of your work, including Tube lengths (table format, total length, Note {frequency}, and hanging point measurement) .......Then you may begin. Otherwise continue working on design and see me when you're completed
    • See me if you're having difficulty
  • Tue - AFU for link crew - no class
  • Wed - Wind chimes using EMT
    • Wind chimes construction continues
    • See me if you're having difficulty - remember printed plans\procedure with lengths required before going into the shop!
  • Thu - Wind chimes using EMT
  • Fri - Wind chimes using EMT
    • We're in the Downstairs shop today preparing our wood for the chime hangers
    • Please bring the printed copy of your plans downstairs!

May 16 - Wind Chime Construction

  • Mon - Chime construction continues this week
    • Everyone should be in the shop with plans working on their chimes
  • Tue - Chime construction
  • Wed - Chime construction
  • Thu - Chime construction
  • Fri - Chime construction

May 24 - Wind Chime Wrap up

  • Mon - Victoria Day - No school
  • Tue - Chime construction wraps-up this week
    • be sure to take some photos during construction for adding to your portfolio later
  • Wed - Chime construction (Last full day in shop)
  • Thu - Ubuntu Games - All period
  • Fri - Chime construction and portfolio wrap-up (final day) + Presentation Drug and Alcohol Awareness
    • Shortened class due to presentation
    • Add some photos and your reflection to your portfolios
    • Final touches to portfolios - summatives start next week

May 30 - Summative Planning

  • Mon - SummativeDescription
    • Finishing up the wind chime project
  • Tue - Finishing the wind chime
    • Please modify your portfolio to reflect your finished chime!
    • Planning and design for the summative
  • Wed - Finishing the Wind Chime
    • Planning and design for summative
    • Pease modify your portfolio to reflect your finished chime! Upload some photos and a reflection
  • Thu - Summative work
    • If you are making something other than the treasure box for the summative, your plans are due tomorrow!
  • Fri - Summative work - Design due for alternate projects (other than the treasure box)
    • Please have your design drawings (in sketchup) and research loaded up to your portfolio space by the end of the period. I will be marking these this weekend!
    • If your design is NOT feasible given the constraints of time and resources available, you will complete a treasure box for your summative project.

Jun 6 - Summative Production continues

  • Mon - Summative production begins - product construction is due to finish this Friday
    • return the chime projects
    • Please take these home today at the end of class
    • discuss the summative selection based on your designs
    • Please see me to determine which summative you will be working on before you start!
  • Tue - Summative production
  • Wed - Summative production
  • Thu - Summative production
  • Fri - Summative products are due today at the end of class
    • next week we will modify the portfolios

Jun 13 - Summative Production Continues

  • Mon - Construction continues
    • For the week's homework - update your portfolio sites for ALL projects including Summative
    • Summative is due at the END of Class Friday - No exceptions
  • Tue - Construction continues
  • Wed - Construction continues
  • Thu - Construction continues
  • Fri - Summative due at the end of class
    • Homework - finish portfolio