Week of

Sep 4-7

  • Mon - labour day
  • Tue - Welcome & Introductions half-hour course
  • Wed - Introduction
    • Course Outline - Course Overview, contentand expectations
      • Requirements:
        • Your UserID and Password
        • Binder, Pencil and Paper
        • A good attitude
      Shop Tour
    • Lab Rules
    • Bookmark and add to toolbar this wiki and agenda page
    • Have you got your login?
    • Let's start with some computer basics- Handout and Handin folders - file management, the network, etc.
    • Please complete the File exercise #1 at the end of the File Naming Rules page located here
  • Thu - Computers and Drafting - Orthographic projections
    • Please complete the File exercise #1 at the end of the File Naming Rules page located here
    • Technical drawing - drafting, orthographic and isometric drawings
    • What is drafting?
    • Key terminology on the whiteboard
    • The Orthographic projection: top, front and right side views
    • Isometrics and obliques
  • Fri - Drawing practice
    • Practice with Orthographic projections and Isometric drawings
    • Drawing sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
    • Take up sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
    • Let's do sheets D3\D5\F1
    • This drafting package is due Next week (Fri)
Week of

Sep 10-14

  • Mon - Drafting start (P1) and continue (P3)
    • Practice with Orthographic projections and Isometric drawings
    • Drawing sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
    • Take up sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
    • Let's do sheets D3\D5\F1
    • This drafting package is due this Friday
  • Tue - Drafting and intro to SketchUp
    • Drawing sheets - finish all that are unfinished
    • Massive Black - A comercial application of sketchUp
  • Wed - Google SketchUp
    • Let's tour the interface and tools using Sketchup
    • Drawing packages - are due (completed) Friday
    • Quick Sketchup Interface Tour - Tutorial
    • This exercise will get you started in Google Sketchup
    • Please complete Exercises 1-3
  • Thu - More Sketchup
    • Saving Sketchup files as an image - Tutorial
    • Please complete exercise 4
    • When you finish exercise 4, save a copy as an image file and save it to the handin folder:Lastname_Firstname_Exercise#4.jpg. There are folders for per2 and per4
    • Please complete the drawing package to hand-in tomorrow.
  • Fri- Making plans with SketchUp
    • Let's see how we will use SketchUp to make our plans for building - making plans
    • drawing packages are due today-Please hand in!
    • Exercise 4 is due today in the handin as a graphic file
Week of:

Sep 17-21

  • Mon - Schoology sign up and Exercise 4 audit.
    • We are going to create accounts in Schoology: www.schoology.com
    • GJ8PM-9V39P - Period 2 - Access code for Schoology
    • Q3GGN-QPGF5 - Period 4 - Access code for Schoology
    • Your Username is FirstName_First2letterslastname
    • John Smith: John_Sm
    • Please fill in your first name and last name and other data as required on the sign-up sheet
    • We will use Schoology for quizzes and testing so if you'd like a mark, please complete!
    • Google Docs and Portfolios -
    • Setting up GoogleDocs and Google Web sites
    • Be sure to use ONLY the TIJ10 Tech Portfolio Template and s-h-a-r-e your site properly!
    • Portfolios - setting up your portfolio
    • Please create your site and complete the form which emails me your web address
    • Under your main page, make a Project #1page. Under this, make 4 pages
      • Research, Plans, Production and Reflection (RPPR)
    • Letting Google organize your navigation
    • Please make a "splash" page which introduces you and describes why you are making this website.
  • Tue - Start Shop safety
  • Wed - Quiz day - Orthographics
    • Portfolio creation
    • Orthographic drawing quiz
  • Thu - Safety and Portfolio creation
  • Fri - Return orthographics quiz and SketchUp
    • Bandsaw and Drill Press- Notes finish up
    • Return quiz - How'd you do?
    • Recreate 4 drawings of the quiz in sketchup (see here) - Orthographic Help session
    • PLEASE make sure your URL is submitted to me for the portfolio and you have registered on Schoology!
Week of

Sep 24-28

  • Mon - Belt and Disc sander safety - Please get your portfolio linked if you haven't already done so!
    • Homework check - Those working on the "help" session - 4 orthographic drawings completed?
    • Let's look at Belt\disc sander safety
    • Practical demo in shop of the tool
    • Orthographics exercise - SketchUp - continue to model the 4 drawings of the quiz
  • Tue - Scroll saw and mitre saw safety
    • Let's consider these two saws - scroll saw and mitresaw
    • Please review the safety pages linked above and answer the questions at the bottom of each page. When complete, print off your answers in complete sentences and hand-in (with your name at the top of the page).
    • If finished the above, please create sketchup models for the 4 drawings in the drawings of the Orthographics exercise - Look here. Save each drawing in sketchup and link them to your portfolio under a new page called "Sketchup page".
  • Wed - Safety - Router table and planer
    • Practical safety demo scroll saw and mitre saw
    • When finished - let's work on the 4 sketchup drawings and save to your portfolio
  • Thu - Safety Review in Preparation for the quiz tomorrow
    • Period 2 Router (table) and planer
    • Period 2 - Demo the router table
    • Period 2 - Lets re-cap all of the machines and safe working practices in preparation for our first quizzes tomorrow
      • Period 4 - Go back through the safety pages and lessons covered so far and write your own detailed jot notes.
      • period 4 - See Bandsaw, Drill Press, Belt\disc sander, scroll saw, mitre saw, and planer
      • You may write them by hand or on the computer (word process)
      • Period 4 - (Supply) - In preparation for tomorrow's quiz: When finished, please complete the Skethcup model of the drawings located here: orthographic quiz sketchup models and save to your portfolio. If finished these 4 sketchup drawings, save them as jpg's (export) and load them onto a sketchup page on your portfolio.
      • Priscilla Domingo - Please create your site and fill out the template (with URL) so that I can link your portfolio!! Ask a friend if you're unsure how to do this. Thx :)
  • Fri - Safety Quizzes - Time limited - One chance !
    • If you didn't sign up, I signed you up! Username: first_lastname and password:first_lastname (NO CAPITALS, with _ )
    • I would recommend you change your password (not your username!) unless you don't want the marks you earn :)
    • Let's use schoology to take the:
    • bandsaw quiz
    • Drill Press quiz
    • Sanders quiz
    • General safety quiz
    • When finished - let's complete the 4 sketchup drawings and save to your portfolio
    • If finished let's look at making plans
week of

Oct 1-5

  • Mon - Portfolio catchup and Safety Quiz day
    • Let's review the quizzes and return assignments\quizzes
    • If you haven't completed ALL 4 safety quizzes Friday, please complete!
    • Let's review Planers - tomorrows quiz
    • Get your sketchup drawings on your portfolio website
    • Modify your site to make it yours:
      • Change background colours
      • add pics
      • add pages for sketchup exercises
      • include some text to provide context and background on your work
  • Tue - Safety quiz + Plans
    • Portfolio Review - let's see what people have created!
      • Edit your pages - remove old content
      • Add a new page and your 4 sketchup drawings - save as 2D graphic (export)
    • Review the Router- Quiz tomorrow
    • Safety Quizzes Today - Planer
  • Wed - Safety quiz + Portfolios
    • Quick review before the Safety test Tomorrow
    • Briefly re-cap the router
    • Quiz on the Router
    • Continue modifying portfolios AND adding the 4 SketchUp drawings to Portfolio
    • drawings are here
  • Thu - Safety test day + Plans
    • Introduce the Top project
      • revisit the design process
      • research, design, draw, procedure list...making plans
  • Fri - PD Day
week of

Oct 8-12

  • Mon - Thanksgiving
  • Tue - Introduce the Top project and Practical Safety in the shop (Groups of 4)
  • Wed - Safety Test Redo
    • Top design and Practical Safety in the shop continues
    • research, design, draw, procedure list...making plans
  • Thu - Top design and Practical Safety in the shop
    • Top design and Practical Safety in the shop continues
    • research, design, draw, procedure list...making plans
  • Fri - Top design and Practical Safety in the shop
    • Top design and Practical Safety in the shop continues
    • research, design, draw, procedure list...making plans
week of

Oct 15-19

  • Mon - Top design and Practical Safety in the shop
    • Top design and Practical Safety in the shop continues
    • research, design, draw, procedure list...making plans
    • Check out this link for some history and tips...
    • Or here for another...tips for tops
  • Tue - Portfolio Audits
    • How are the portfolios and top designs coming?
    • Stock prep if ready
  • Wed - Top Construction Begins...If plans and portfolios are ready
  • Thu - Top Construction
  • Fri - Top Construction
week of

Oct 22-26

  • Mon - Top Construction Begins...If plans and portfolios are ready
    • Portfolio audit
      • To begin construction you must have:
        • Printed plans for both launcher and top
        • Procedure list covering both
        • Completed research and planning pages for your portfolio
      • Homework Tonight - Finish plans and procedure list and portfolios
  • Tue - Top Construction
    • Any requests for stock thickness other than 7/8" (TODAY only)
  • Wed - Top Construction
    • The Shop Clean-up
      • Last 10 minutes of class
      • Everyone who works in the shop shares this responsibility
      • Tools - Benches - Scraps - Plans - Glasses
  • Thu - Top Construction
    • Portfolios pages are due Friday for Research and Planning. Please finish! They are DUE tomorrow and will be included in the first term reports.
  • Fri - Top Construction
    • Portfolios pages are due Today for Research and Planning. Please finish!
    • These will be marked this weekend so please have your drawings, procedure and research complete.
week of

Oct 29 - Nov 2

  • Mon - Top construction continues
    • Please document your progress as you go!
  • Tue - Top construction continues
  • Wed - Top construction continues
  • Thu - Top construction continues
  • Fri - Top construction wraps up
    • Top construction Last day is Monday Nov 5
    • Top Testing is Tuesday, Nov 6
    • Homework for this weekend- Finish the portfolios
      • Reflections and Production pages
      • See photos
week of

Nov 5-9

  • Mon - Last day for top construction
    • Please finish up your tops and prepare them for testing tomorrow
    • Make any last minute reflections and additions to the portfolio
  • Tue - Top Testing
    • Volunteer - recorder takes time from launch to end of spin
    • List top 5 with times
  • Wed - T-O-K-W day
  • Thu - Designing Treasure boxes
    • Begin the next design challenge - Treasure box
      • Review the design process and start there
      • Box design on SketchUp
      • Remember 4 pages labelled ResearchPlanningProductionReflection
  • Fri - Remembrance Day Ceremony
    • Your Portfolios for the tops are due at the end of today
    • Please add any photos, descriptions, reflections before the end of class
    • Period 2 - ceremony
    • Per 4 - designing treasure boxes
week of

Nov 12-16

  • Mon - Designing Treasure boxes
  • Tue - Designing Treasure boxes
  • Wed - Designing Treasure boxes
  • Thu - Designing Treasure boxes
  • Fri - PD day
week of

Nov 19-23

  • Mon - Continue designing treasure boxes
    • To begin constructing you must have:
      • Completed portfolio pages - Research and Planning
      • Planning pages must have your procedure list and orthographic drawings
      • Drawings must include ALL dimensions necessary to build
  • Tue - Designing boxes
  • Wed - Designing boxes
  • Thu - Stock prep -
    • Be sure to know the thickness of wood you require (7/8", 3/4", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8"...)
    • We start with 24" of wood. If you don't need all 24" planed, trim it first. Remember 12" is the minimum length for wood to go into the planer. Once it's planed, you can't add more wood (to increase thickness!)
    • If your plans and portfolio are complete, build it!
  • Fri - Wrap up designing the treasure boxes
    • Today is the last day for portfolio pages! (Research & Planning: Sketchup Plans and Procedure list)
    • These two pages will be marked this weekend
    • Construction begins next week - You must have plans to begin!
week of

Nov 26-30

  • Mon - Construction begins today
    • Stock preparation (Be sure to know what thickness you will plane your stock to!)
    • Everyone gets 24" of 1" x 4" material
  • Tue - Box construction continues
  • Wed - Box construction continues
  • Thu - Box construction continues
    • Please take some photos of your building process to add to your portfolio
  • Fri - Box construction continues
week of

Dec 3-7

  • Mon - Box construction continues
    • When considering the "finish" of your box, sand and prepare properly
    • Don't forget to photograph your progress and add to your portfolio (Under "Production")
  • Tue - Box construction-
    • Finish up those boxes
  • Wed - Box construction
  • Thu - Wrapping up box construction
    • Use 2 point lighting and a proper background cloth. Camera and tripod required.
    • Some excellent photo tips are here
    • When finished post to your portfolio
  • Fri - Box construction finishes up today
    • FLOCKING Day - let's flock the boxes of those that would like the insides flocked
    • 15 min Flocking tutorial - If you plan to flock, watch this!
    • Next week we'll wrap-up the Treasure Box and begin our summative
week of

Dec 10-14

  • Mon - "Snow" day - Treasure box catch up day
    • Please make final changes to your treasure box
    • We'll set up some studio lights and a camera on tripod for our "professional" photos
  • Tue - Last day in the shop for the Treasure boxes!
    • All construction wraps up today (Portfolios and finished boxes due Wed!)
    • Please ensure your finish is complete and your name is on your box (in pencil on bottom is fine)
    • We will begin our photography of the boxes
    • After you have completed your box and taken a photo upload the good photo to your reflection page
    • Upload some construction photos of the production of your box to the "production" Page
  • Wed - Photo and Portfolio Wrap-up day (Treasure Box)
    • If you haven't already, take a professional photo (for the portfolio reflection page)
    • Once you have your photo, complete your Production and Reflections page
    • Include your Box photo on your reflection Page
    • All Treasure Boxes are due at the end of class
    • You must have your portfolio complete and treasure box in MY cardboard Box Today at the end of class if you want a mark!
  • Thu - Let's begin the summative project - The Pneumatic car
    • Project Description - Air Powered car
      • Portfolio Creation and Research
      • Design - The car itself and graphics
      • Portfolio updating (adding research and plans, procedure)
    • The RP portfolio portion (Research - Planning) is due FRIDAY Dec 21
  • Fri - Summative
    • Begin to create the web portfolio portion of your Summative
    • Once complete, start the research
      • Before you draw a thing, investigate the variables and parameters which will make your car go longer and faster!
      • Summarize the most important parts of your research on the research page
    • Let's Look at three concepts related to our cars:
week of

Dec 17-21

  • Mon - Summative continues
  • Tue - Summative
  • Wed - Summative
  • Thu - Summative research and planning
    • Research continues
    • Please complete the RP portion of the portfolio for tomorrow
  • Fri - Summative Part one is due today
    • Your research and planning portion of the portfolio is due end of class today
    • After the holidays we'll start construction of the cars
    • Have a Safe & Enjoyable holiday!!
week of

Jan 7-11

  • Mon - Welcome back
    • Today we're finishing our plans and procedure list for the summative project
    • By the end of the period (before tomo class) you should have:
      • Completed Research and Planning Pages of your portfolio
      • Printed plans from your portfolio (Sketchup) and a printed procedure list of how you will build your car
      • Research should be a summary of what you have gleaned from your internet research
    • Summative Car Construction is due (completed) Friday Jan 18 end of class
    • Portfolio portion is due on Monday Jan 21
    • There is no flex to these dates as this is the end of the semester! Please have them ready.
  • Tue - Car Construction
    • Handout blanks and dado the underside "slot" for Air storage
    • Please be sure you understand the order in which you should do things as some steps are not reversible!
  • Wed - Car Construction
    • Continue construction
  • Thu - Car Construction
    • Construction continues
  • Fri -Car Construction
    • Construction continues
week of

Jan 14-18

  • Mon - Summative construction
    • Continue work on the air powered car
    • Don't forget to take some Production photos for use in your production page
    • Homework - ALL this week - Please work on your portfolios at home!
  • Tue - Summative construction
    • Take some photos
  • Wed - Summative construction
    • Take some photos
  • Thu - Summative construction
    • Take some photos
  • Fri - Summative Due at the end of class today- last day in the shop!
    • Car construction wraps up today at the end of class
    • Please have your cars in the box at the front of class at the end of the period
    • Monday - portfolios are due (Reflection and Production)
week of

Jan 18-21

  • Mon - Car painting and finishing
    • Please don't forget to add photos from the Handout to your production pages
  • Tue - Car painting and finishing
    • Car photos
  • Wed - Car testing
  • Thu - Car testing (finals) and Portfolio Wrap up
    • Portfolios are due at the end of the period
    • Add any last minute reflections from the testing process
week of

Feb 1-Feb 7

  • Mon -
  • Tue -
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