Sep 5 - Welcome

  • Monday - Labour day - Off
  • Tuesday - Welcome to TIJ10!
    • Welcome & Introductions
    • Course Outline - Course Overview, content and expectations
    • Requirements:
      • UserID and Password
      • Binder, Pen and Paper
      • A good attitude!
    • Shop Tour
  • Wednesday -Introduction to Computers and Drafting - Orthographic projections
    • Lab Rules
    • some computer basics- file management, the network, etc.
    • Please complete the File exercise #1 at the end of the File Naming Rules page located here
    • Technical drawing - drafting, orthographic and isometric drawings
    • What is drafting?
    • Key terminology on the whiteboard
  • Thursday - Review of Orthographic drawings
    • The Orthographic projection: top, front and right side views
    • Isometrics and obliques
    • Practice with Orthographic projections and Isometric drawings
    • Drawing sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
  • Friday -
    • Take up sheets D8\D2\D27\D29
    • Let's do sheets D3\D5\F1

Sep 12 - Orthos & Sketchup

  • Mon - File management and Orthographic drawings
    • Take up sheets D3\D5 and F1
    • Tonight's homework: finish drawings package
    • Naming Conventions, Server hand-in and out
    • Create class folders and bookmark for this page
    • Exercise #1 - please complete
  • Tue - Measuring in the shop - tape measurers and systems of units
    • Only 8 assignments handed in - AboutMe is due today in the handin!
    • Drawing packages - please hand in at the end of class.
    • How to use a tape measure
    • Measurement systems
    • Finished this? Try the ruler game
    • What is the Design Process?
  • Wed - Drawing and Google Sketchup
    • 7 missing About_Me assignments and 12 missing Drawing packages - Lates and responsibility!
    • Please get these assignments in before doing else!
    • Let's have a look at Sketchup
    • Let's tour the interface and tools using Sketchup
    • Please complete the contents of the "Sketchup" page; drawings Pt1, Pt2, Pt3 and then complete Exercise 5.
  • Thu - Sketchup Continued
  • Fri - Sketchup Continued
    • Please work through and complete all exercises in the Sketchup pages. When you've completed the section on plans, submit exercise 5 as a picture to the handin folder (you'll have to export as GIF, PNG, or JPG). Remember to label it lastname_firstname_exer5.ext (insert your name and .ext where appropriate)
    • Save the results of your work on the server in my documents to be able to add to your portfolio later
    • Be sure to go through the video tutorials!

Sep 19 - Portfolios & Safety

  • Mon- Setting up Google portfolios - Creating your web portfolio
    • Sketchup plans
      • Some hints for making plans in sketchup (first watch this video!)
      • Open this file to see a 3D model portrayed in 2D
      • Don't forget to save your completed sketchup dwg's in your portfolio space (which we'll create below)
    • Getting started with google sites login and portfolio setup
      • Go to the JMSS website and login. We are all going to create a website using template TIJ10. You must share this site with "People at John McCrae Secondary School" - Do Not make it public, private, only people with the link etc.! Do not allow other people at JMSS to edit! V. important
      • When you've done this go to the link for our class gallery (here) and fill in the form which sends me your URL - This is your Universal Resource Location, your spot on the web. Once I have this, I will link your site to our page.
      • Through the course we'll be putting our projects up to this space (Research, designs, procedure lists, and finished photos with reflections - for each project) You can start by creating pages for each project (Say Project 1, 2,3.. for now. We can change the name later) Add UNDER each page a page for:
        1. Research - Brainstorming, sketches, ideas, photos of similar ideas
        2. Planning - Design drawings and Procedure list
        3. Production - Photos and description of the process of making
        4. Reflections - How'd it turn out? What did you learn, ...
  • Tue - Portfolio Setup and Safety Continued
    • Let's see who's got their Portfolio site up?
    • Having trouble logging in? see here
    • Continue Portfolio setup. If setup already, add new pages (project 1, project 2, etc.) and link them to your home page
  • Wed - Safety
    • Getting started with general safety
      General shop safety and the bandsaw
    • Portfolio setup if you're not complete. If so, start customizing your site (menu bar, layout, insert pages for future projects, etc). Pease don't forget to fill out the form with your portfolio site URL. I need this to link your portfolio to our class page!
  • Thu - Safety
  • Fri -

Sep 26 - Safety & Sketchup

  • Mon - Safety
    • Scroll saw and router table safety
    • Finish customizing your portfolio
    • Complete Exercise 5 in sketchup (make plans and submit where req'd)
  • Tue - Safety Review ALL toolsReview in preparation for Thursday's test
    • Finish modifying your portfolios
    • Be sure to submit exercise 5 in sketchup to both the handin folder and on your portfolio website
  • Wed - Safety wrap-up
    • Safety review (Oh..., and the glue gun) glue gun
    • Begin the design of our first project - The Yoyo
      • Research for the yoyo (document on your web)
      • Procedure list for yoyo construction ( on web)
      • Design drawings with all required dimensions in Sketchup (on web)
  • Thu - Supply
    • Finish any unfinished work from Exercise 5 (Sketchup) or your portfolio setup
    • Continue Yoyo Designs in Sketchup
  • Fri - Safety Pre-Test
    • Portfolio setup
    • Yoyo Design in Sketchup

Oct 3 - Yoyo design

  • Mon - Yoyo design
    • Return safety pre-test and go over
    • Continue design and portfolio pages
  • Tue - Yoyo design
    • Safety test
    • Continue design and portfolio pages
  • Wed - Yoyo design
    • Return safety test
    • Continue design and portfolio pages
  • Thu - Yoyo design continues
    • Safety retest - If you didn't achieve 85% - retest is today!
  • Fri - Yoyo design continues
    • Back to the drawing board - Sketchup and google sites tutorial
      • Creating our 2D designs in sketchup
      • Modifying our google pages

Oct 10- Yoyo design\construction

  • Mon - Off Thanksgiving Monday
  • Tue - Finish our yoyo designs
    • If you haven't finished 1) your plans and 2) your research and planning pages of your website,
    • They are for homework tonight!
    • You must finish these before you begin construction!
  • Wed - Making lumber
    • Stock prep for yoyos - What thickness do you need (1/2", 5/8" or 3/4"?)
  • Thu - Yoyo construction begins
    • get those plans finished! - Plans should be uploaded to your website
    • Web portfolio's to be marked this weekend - You should have your research and planning pages for your yoyo complete.
  • Fri - Yoyo construction
    • With your plans markup your wood for your yoyo's
    • Remember, It's not a race. Complete your project with care and quality in mind!

Oct 17 Yoyo Construction

  • Mon - Yoyo construction
      • Take some photos during the construction process for your portfolio (marking out, cutting, sanding...)
      • If you haven't finished your research, sketchup drawing and procedure list you are in the computer room finishing this up today!
  • Tue - Yoyo construction
    • As of today 8 students have completed their Research and Planning (Sketchup and Procedure list)
    • For those who have finished, you may work in the shop - Otherwise complete your portfolio
    • Yoyo construction continues
    • Please see me if your parents would like an interview slot for Parent-Teacher interviews
  • Wed - Yoyo construction
  • Thu - Yoyo construction
  • Fri - PD day - no class

Oct 24 Finish the Yoyo

  • Mon - Yoyo construction continues (2 days left)
  • Tue - Yoyo construction (1 day left after today)
    • Don't forget to take some photos for incorporating into your portfolio
  • Wed - Last day for Yoyo construction
    • Sanding, testing and applying finish
    • Yoyos are due at the end of the period
      • Make sure your finished yoyo in the box with your name pencilled on it!
    • Please install photoshop from the "run installed programs.." on a your computer in the lab before tomorrow
  • Thu - Fun with Adobe photoshop
    • Let's see how we can use photoshop to modify our photos and graphics
    • Photoshop tutorial
  • Fri - Photoshop and Portfolio editing
    • exercise - complete and load up to your portfolio under a page named "photoshop" (on the 'projects' level-same as yoyo). Exercise is here.
    • Edit your portfolio for the Yoyo project - finish up the Production and Reflection pages!
    • Web portfolio header customization ...
    • Portfolios are being marked this weekend so be sure to have your editing complete by Saturday night.

Oct 31 Photoshop & Picture Frame

  • Mon - Photoshop and Portfolio work
    • Please finish up the Photoshop Smiley Face exercise we began on Fri. The exercise is here.
    • Be sure to save a face just like the one in the exercise before making a changed face
    • When finished, try making some alternative Smiley's including a self-portrait
    • If you finish this try making a custom banner for your website using Photoshop. Replace the one on your web. Find it and open it up with photoshop or make your own (1000 p wide x 70 high, Jpg )
    • Be sure that ALL of your Production and Reflection pages for the YOYO are complete. You can make 4 new pages at the same level as the YOYO for our next project, The picture frame (Research, Planning, Production and Reflection)
  • Tue - Yoyo's returned
    • Let's begin work on the next design challenge, The Picture Frame
    • Project is here
  • Wed - Picture frame research and design
  • Thu - Picture frame research and design
  • Fri - Picture frame research and design

Nov 7 Frame Design

  • Mon - Picture frame designs
    • You need a Sketchup design with dimensions required to build posted to your portfolio
    • Please bring in your 5" x 7" Picture to frame - You must have a picture IN your frame
    • Let's get those sketch up files finished and posted to your websites!
    • Think of what type of feature you might add to the frame to make it look nice
    • Stand design - Mock this up in Sketchup to see angles, etc.
  • Tue - Picture frame design
    • Portfolio Review (Is your Picture Frame site ready?)
    • Do you have your 5" x 7" picture?
    • Stock prep ONLY with those students whose designs are complete and whose Web portfolios are setup
  • Wed - Picture frame designs
  • Thu - Remembrance day ceremonies
    • Picture frame production continues
    • Don't forget to document your progress
  • Fri - Remberance day ceremony at the Cenetaph for grade 9

Nov 14 - Frame Production

  • Mon - Picture Frame Demonstration day - Let's Make a picture frame
    • You must bring in a 5" x 7" Picture to frame before starting
    • Let's walk through the production steps
    • Finalize your designs and Procedure Lists today!
  • Tue - Stock Prep and Production
    • Picture frame production
    • Don't forget to document your progress
  • Wed - Frame Production
  • Thu - Frame Production
  • Fri - Frame Production

Nov 21 - Frame Production

  • Mon - Picture Frame production continues
    • Be sure to take some photos during production for your portfolio
    • You should have your picture frame in class for final fitting
  • Tue - Picture Frame production continues
    • Don't forget to finish sand and add a "finish"
  • Wed - Picture Frame production continues
  • Thu - Break in Picture Frame production
    • Everyone must bring in to class a 5" x 7" picture for the inside of the frame. Please bring this in tomoorrow
    • Spend the day completing the production page of your portfolio.
    • You may also make an "As built" drawing of the frame stand in Sketchup measuring accurately and showing how it holds your frame
    • If you haven't already made your frame stand, make a Sketchup drawing of it complete with dimensions
    • Spend the period getting your web portfolio in order. If you have completed the construction, you may complete your reflection for the web.
    • Frame backing preparation and glass cutting will continue tomorrow
  • Fri - Picture Frame Project
    • Let's get the glass cut and cut a backing for the photo

Nov 28 - Finish the Frames

  • Mon - Let's finish up the Picture frames - Last day is Wed
    • Cut your glass - 5" x 7" and your backing boards
    • Finish sanding (use 320) and final plastic wood
    • Apply a finish
  • Tue - Finishing up the picture frames
    • If construction is finished work on the computer adding your production and reflection pages
    • last day is tomorrow for frame work in the shop
  • Wed - Final construction day for the frames
    • If finished construction - edit your portfolio
    • Portfolio's marked this weekend - all editing is due by Friday
    • Finished picture Frames go on the table outside the office (near the printer)
  • Thu - Assignment Audit day - We are working in the Classroom today
    • Talent show Announcement - see email
    • Reminder - Your Frame must have a presentation quality picture in it to be marked
    • Let's have a look at portfolios
    • Those of you who are not finished your portfolios, please do so now.
    • Those of you who need to finish small details of the frame (affixing the backing, putting in the picture, etc) do so now.
    • Edit your portfolio (these are due tomorrow)
  • Fri - Frame wrap up and Start our next design challenge ?
    • Portfolio setup day for third design challenge
    • brainstorm projects
    • Photography unit ?
    • Design ?
    • Christmas gift ornaments?

Dec 5 - Begin treasure box project

  • Mon - Finish frame portfolio
    • Mr Harkness will be teaching you today
      • He has a list of who has finished and who hasn't
    • 12 out of 20 students have not completed their Picture Frame Portfolios
      • If this is you, you have today ONLY to finish this
      • Remember you need 4 pages (research, planning, production and reflection)
      • Meaningful content in each section including photos
      • Check your navigation and make sure it makes sense!
    • For the 8 of you who have finished (see Mr Harkness if you're unsure):
      • Insert 4 new pages into your portfolio for the Treasure Box Project
      • Add navigation and start your research
      • Of course you can fine-tune your frame portfolio as well
  • Tue - Start Treasure Box research and design
  • Wed - Treasure box research and design
  • Thu - Treasure box research and design
  • Fri - Last Day for Treasure box research and design
    • Building begins on Monday
    • Whatever is not done today at the end of class is HOMEWORK

Dec 12 - Treasure Box Design

  • Mon - Creating plans for the Summative Project
    • Please finish the portfolio pages ASAP (otherwise you will run out of time!)
    • Need portfolio setup, procedure list, drawings and list of materials
  • Tue - Treasure Box Plans (Our Summative)
    • Stock prep for those who are ready
    • Finish your plans if you haven't already done so
  • Wed - Treasure Box Design
    • Stock prep for those who are ready
  • Thu - Treasure Box Design
    • Coffee and donut day
  • Fri - Treasure Box Design - Due Monday
    • Please finish your Treasure Box designs complete with:
      • Sketchup Drawings showing ALL parts with dimensions and title block
      • Procedure List describing the steps\machines\notes for construction
      • Cut list - The material you need to start working in the shop
    • Whatever you don't finish in class is Homework
    • I will be checking these Sunday night to see who starts work on Monday

Dec 19 - Treasure Box Construction

  • Mon - Stock prep for those who have finished the designs
  • Tue - Construction begins on the treasure box
  • Wed - Treasure Box construction
  • Thu - Treasure Box Construction
  • Fri - Treasure Box Construction
    • Have a Wonderful CHRISTMAS break - See you in January!

Jan 9 - Treasure Box Construction

  • Mon - Welcome Back -Work on the summative project continues
    • Please review your plans and procedure lists prior to starting work again
    • If you're unsure about anything, please ask!
  • Tue - Construction Continues
    • Please remember to document the process as you go.
    • Your summative mark will be based on your work and website documentation!
  • Wed - Construction Continues
  • Thu - LINK academic follow-up day
    • Construction will continue tomorrow
  • Fri - Construction Continues
    • Please be sure to document your progress for your portfolio with photos!
    • Due date for finished construction is Friday January 20th (next Friday)
    • All in shop work on projects must be completed by the end of class this day!
    • Your portfolio website work is due on Tuesday Jan 24

Jan 16 - Finishing the Summative Project

  • Mon - Construction continues on Treasure Boxes
    • Don't forget - Due date this Friday - No exceptions or extensions!
    • Portfolios are due Tuesday, Jan 24th
  • Tue - Construction continues
    • If your box is finished, please complete your portfolio pages.
  • Wed - Construction continues
  • Thu - Construction continues
  • Fri - Construction Due Date - All in-shop work must be done by the end of the period!
    • Please hand-in your projects to the desk in the mezzanine area - by the printer
    • Be sure to include your name in pencil (bottom is fine)
    • Next Week - Mon\Tue is portfolio wrap-up time

Jan 23 - FInish the Portfolio

  • Mon - Let's finish off the portfolios
    • Please include all required pages, some photos and solid descriptions of what you have accomplished
    • Remember this is the basis of your Communication and Thinking\Inquiry evaluation for the Treasure Box
  • Tue - Final day to hand-in portfolios
    • Please make sure your portfolio is loaded and working
    • Good Luck in your exams!