So You NEED Music
Then You NEED to make sure it's ROYALTY FREE

You NEED to learn about Creative Commons:
  • A system by which artists provide you with assets that you are WELCOME TO USE IN YOUR PROJECTS, subject to specific conditions (like giving them credit)

Why bother using CC instead of "popular" music?
  • No complications - The assets are typically ROYALTY FREE
  • YouTube will not "censor" your uploaded projects
  • No one will challenge the legality of your work if you submit it to a contest or sell it to a client
  • Creative Ethics - Your success is legitimately yours, and those you give credit to

Here are a few sources of Royalty Free Music:
cc 2013janlogo.png for royalty free music
  • Attribution is the only requirement (credits)
  • No Lyrics - great for soundtracks

external image logo-hd2.png


YouTube's Creator Studio has an AUDIO SECTION that packs a great assortment of royalty-free soundsamples

external image TekTechno.png

TechnoAxe was recommended by Elijah

CC audionautix-logo.jpg
audionautix is Mr Smith's favorite source of soundtrack music

ccmixter.jpeg Has tons of great songs with lyrics - generally for NON-PROFIT use - but also has some "royalty free" songs for contests

Jamendo.png has a WIDE variety of searchable music, but has specific licensing prices depending on how you plan to use the end product