Photoshop Selection

  • You can use the SELECTION TOOLS (Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand or Quick Select) to “Select” pixels on the CURRENT LAYER that you want to manipulate, copy, or be affected by whatever tool you use next.
  • The EDGES of a selection can be “softened” using FEATHERING - it makes the outer pixels fade between opaque and transparent to “blend it in” to the background
  • There are ALTERNATE tools hidden behind the main tools - click a n hold on a tool button to bring up the alternates

PAUSE and REWIND when necessary

Types of Selection Tools:
  • Marquee - Rectagular, Circular
  • Lasso - Magnetic Lasso - Polygonal Lasso
  • Quick Select
  • Magic Wand
  • CTRL-A selects ALL
  • CTRL-D Deselects all

Tricks - Holding down a key can change how the selection tool behaves:
  1. Hold down the SHIFT KEY
    (Makes a perfect circle or square AND it ADDS to the current selection)
  2. Hold down the ALT KEY
    (Removes from current selection)
  3. Hold down SHIFT + ALT KEYS
    (Intersects selection)

Feathering Edges
  • A "Feathered" edge is a SELECTION that intentionally blurs into transparency along it's edges
  • Feathering is defined by the width in pixels that you want the feathering to occur in - feathering of 1 or 2 pixels is a good way to blend "GREENSCREEN" images into their new backgrounds
  • There are TWO ways you can create a feathered edge to a selection
    1. PRESET the feather option (at the top of the screen) BEFORE you make the selection with one of the tools

Complete the BobbleHead assignment using your class picture
BobbleHead Photoshoot pt2 (Alternate Tutorial)

Complete the PotatoHead assignment - use the appropriate selection tools to isolate and manipulate the components to create an original version of the PotatoHead