SketchUp is a 3D drawing tool that is relatively easy for students to learn. Because it uses very accurate measurements, it can draw plans to precise scale, and allow the user to envision what their project will look like fairly realistically BEFORE committing material and labour building it.


1. A NEW web-based version of Sketchup is available ONLINE
Note that the interface has changed considerably from when these tutorials were prepared.

2. The school computers have an installer with the older version of Google Sketchup 8 which these tutorials are based on. It's your best bet if using these tutorials.

3. You can download and install the latest desktop version Sketchup for FREE on your own computer at:

  • Choose the SKETCHUP MAKE Windows version
  • Move the download to your D: drive to install it!
  • You can use your McCrae email address if need be

Do NOT install the PRO version - it will expire in 30 days

You can also consult the Sketchup Quick Reference Sheet for handy keyboard shortcuts

Try these initial exercises to get familiar with what the program can do.

Intro Exercise:

  • Download the "Introduction to SketchUp" file from the TIJ1O handouts server, and store it on your P: drive.
  • OPEN the file - if it asks for a template, choose the one second from the bottom of the list and START USING SKETCHUP
  • The tutorial will introduce the following terms:
  • Orbit
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • Rectangle
  • Push/Pull
  • Corners, Edges, Surfaces
  • Infer (Inferences)

Exercise 1:
Download the "Start a Drawing Pt1" file from the TIJ1O server.

Use it to become familiar with the following:
  • Line
  • Move
  • Arc
  • Undo
  • Redo

Exercise 2:
Open the "Start a Drawing Pt2" file from the server.

Use it to become familiar with the following:
  • Paint Bucket
  • View - Shadows
  • Window - Shadow (Settings)

Exercise 3:
Open the "Start a Drawing Pt3" file from the TIJ10 Handouts server

You'll see the effects you can achieve by selecting different "Styles"
  • Styles
  • Edge
  • Face
  • Background
  • Watermark
  • Modeling

Exercise 4:
Duplicate this isometric drawing in SketchUp - attempting to match the proportions and sizes suggested by the gridlines

(Ortho Exercise M02)

  • Duplicate this Isometric drawing in SkethUp - Maintain the same dimensions. Save this SketchUp file (.skp)
  • Next, using the plan template, make a complete plan with all three orthographic views and the isometric view (using the model you created above). The plan template is located here.
  • Save this plan as a jpg on your portfolio under Sketchup, Exercise 5 - Ortho Exercise M02
  • See this link if you need a refresher (Making plans)


Depending on your teacher's instructions:
  • SAVE the file using an appropriate name
  • Post a 2D imagein jpg form on your web portfolio under a new project called "SketchUp", Exercise M02.

Other Resources: