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Related Tutorials
(You can create step by step instructions here - illustrative videos can follow later)

Make a Graphic Title

  1. Open the TITLES.PSD file
  2. Edit the existing text to create a new, preformatted title
  3. Use FILE - Save For Web
    1. The PNG-8 32 colour format is particularly well suited
    2. Save the file with a meaningful name starting with "Title-", and make it easy to find later
  4. Edit the wikipage and use the INSERT IMAGE function on the toolbar
  5. Locate and upload your file, then double click it to place it in the wikipage
  6. Save, and you're done!

Make a wiki SubMenu

  1. Create a NEW PAGE to act as your menu
    1. Name it appropriately using the format: "menu-subject"
    2. Type in the subtopics
      1. Separate them with a shifted backslash |
      2. Highlight and turn them into links
    3. Save the page
  2. Embed the menu on a wikipage
    1. While editing, use EMBED WIDGET from the toolbar
    3. Under "Page Name", type "menu-" and select your new menu
    4. Click EDITABLE and click EMBED WIKI PAGE
    5. SAVE your edits

CamStudio Video Tutorials

  • It's Fast
    • Replaces photocopying
    • Allows simple, fast and spontaneous editing and updating of your materials
  • Don't Lose your Notes
    • Accessible from school or home
    • "Cloud" based media storage of up to 2 GB
    • There's a SEARCH function built in
  • It's Collaborative
    • Pool your prepared lessons, exercises and exemplars
    • "Lurk" to audit courses offered by colleagues
    • Enhance and expand your own knowledge
  • Free for educators! Ad free for K-12 use!