Recording YOUTUBE audio

A simple Google Search will yield lots of tutorials and helpful websites
The easiest method seems to be to use an online service one like these:

Windows Media Player v9

1. When you insert a CD in the computer's drive, Windows Media Player v9 will start playing the disc by default.
  • Hit the stop button.
  • Click the "Copy from CD" function to "RIP" a track to a compressed file.
2. Deselect the tracks you DON'T want to Rip
3. You can specify some settings using the TOOLS | OPTION dropdown menu.
  • WMA Format is the default, and will work in programs like Adobe Premiere. It is comparable to MP3.
  • 128kbps is a decent quality, and keeps the filesizes low
  • The location where your files will be saved to defaults to the "My Music" folder in the C: drive. To make things simpler, change it to your desktop, H: or N: drive.
4. Press the COPY MUSIC button, and let WMP do the rest. Your files will be tucked in a folder named according to the artist listed. You can rename the files appropriately to make them easier to deal with.