• Identify a valid need
      • What has to be accomplished?; What does the "client" require?;
      • Who is the target Audience?; What do THEY expect?;
      • What's the point?
      • What resources do you have?
    • Research and Gather Information
      • Gather SAMPLES or WEBLINKS of what looks good to you!
      • Record information, look into the "state of the art" by examining other solutions on the web;
      • Try to establish the "rules" and criteria others have used to solve this kind of problem
        • Specifications - size, resolution, media
  2. PLAN
    • Generate Ideas
      • Create simple sketches or lists of as many solutions as possible, demonstrating the rules you established above
      • Do your ideas satisfy the the requirements?
    • Evaluate the Viability of solutions (e.g., by testing, modelling, and documenting results) and choose the best one;
    • Prepare Storyboards or AutoCad Plans
      • To visually and accurately describe your intended product
      • To establish precise dimensions or timing for your intended product
    • Prepare a Procedure List to list the production steps
    • Produce a working quality drawing, model, or prototype of the best solution;
    • TEST the prototype and evaluate how well is satisfies the original requirements. How flexible is it? Refine or revise if necessary.
    • Present the solution, using one or more of the following: final drawings, technical reports, electronic presentations, flow charts, storyboards, mockups, prototypes, and so on;
    • Obtain feedback on the final solution and repeat the design process if necessary to refine or improve the solution.
        Write up a GoogleDoc report about the project. It should include;
            1. Your successes
            2. Your problems
            3. What you would do differently
            4. What you have learned
            5. What advice would you give someone that is about to start the same project.

TIJ1O Design Process

AutoCad Plans


  1. CyberDog Logo Design - Your task is to create a logo for CyberDog Productions. On paper, Explain or demonstrate each of the FIRST SIX steps of the Design Process as it applies to this challenge. Hint - Begin at step 2 by gathering information from the Wikipedia article on the word "Logo"
  2. Client Logo Design - Find an organization in the school that would benefit from a custom designed logo. Use the Design Process to develop an original logo for them
  3. Design Process Logo - Create a graphic symbol to represent the concept of "the Design Process". It should act as a visual reminder of the proper steps, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Your task is to design and build a car that will use the energy of a mouse trap in order to make it move forward. The project could be different every time. One year the challenge could be to build a car that travels the farthest distance, another could be going up an incline or again pull a mass.


  1. Your task is to design and build a rocket with a recycled bottle of pop. The principle of this project is to create a rocket by using noting other then compressed air and a 2 L. bottle. The students will learn about aerodynamics by simply modifying / alterning the shape of the bottle in order to make it fly further nad faster into "space".