Logo Assignment

Here's an animated Production logo by McCrae alumnist, Kory Gorsky

What's Brilliant?
  • DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - the final logo is unique and attractive - cartoony, but not amateurish
  • SYMBOLISM - The final logo appropriately uses SYMBOLISM in the text
  • SOUND - the sounds are NOT intrusive or annoying, and really help sell the story
    • Movement is well believable, and immediately understandable
    • Physics is believable - the saucer has "weight" - shadows are logical
    • Timing is appropriate - not too fast - not too slow
    • Intrigue - The animation tells a brief story that resolves in the presentation of the final logo

Be inspired! Observe what works and see if YOU can use those techniques!

Design and create a 10 second animation (24 fps) ANIMATED LOGO identity for any of:
  • John McCrae Secondary School
  • The CommTech class
  • A current club or activity in the school
  • Your own Production Company

This logo could be used on the McNews system, and should be suitable for use as a leader on video productions, newscasts etc.