You may want to stop a SOUND from playing, or stop an animation from LOOPING - Here's how you can do it:

Stopping a Loop using ACTIONSCRIPTS

When "rendered" as an SWF, your animations will loop endlessly unless you put a STOP to things
You can control how your movie behaves by adding ACTIONSCIPTS to certain frames
  • Create a new layer called ACTIONS
  • In the LAST frame of that layer, create an EMPTY KEYFRAME [F7]
  • Hit the [F9] key to open up the ACTIONSCRIPT palette
  • (Be sure that you are using Actionscript 1.0 & 2.0 - NOT Actionscript 3.0 if so - you need to CHANGE BACK TO 2.0)
  • Under the list of ACTIONS, choose GLOBAL FUNCTIONS - TIMELINE CONTROL and double click on STOP

This will build in a command that will STOP your movie on the final frame, keeping it from looping


  • Put a keyframe at the point that you want the sound to stop
  • Use PROPERTIES to attach the sound to that keyframe
  • Set the EVENT to STOP