Level 4: Exemplary
Level 3: Competent
Level 2: Fair
Level 1: Poor
The original illustrations are exceptionally well designed. The use of shading, colour, gradient and line weight are skillfully handled, and result in a consistent and professional appearance.
The illustrations are clean and well done.
The illustrations are fairly simple, lacking sophistication or control.
The illustrations are extremely simple and don't show much skill.
Movement of elements in the animation is both creative and believable. The piece shows exceptional attention and study of animation techniques.
Movement is believable, and without any major flaws
Movement is fairly simple or displays some technical flaws
Movement lacks care or skill.
The timing is exceptionally appropriate

Audio seamlessly integrates with the animation to create a believable and immersive environment. All sound levels are balanced and distortion free.

Audio is used poorly, or is non-existent
Content and Effectiveness
The content has real impact as a result of the choices made by the animator. The animation creatively helps illustrate the story in a professional manner.
The content is clearly illustrated by the animation.
The content