A Button is simply a flash SYMBOL graphic that has been changed from MOVIE CLIP to BUTTON mode.
Create a simple oval to use as a button. Hit [F8] to turn it into a symbol, and "Designate" it as a BUTTON object.
Select the button on your stage, and you can assign an ACTIONSCRIPT to it.
Hit [F9] to open up the actionscript dialogue and click on the button

PLAY button script
  • Buttons should always start with the ON handler, so locate Global Functions - Movie Clip Control - and double click on ON
  • choose "release", then Go to the END of that first line to continue the script there
  • choose Timeline Control and double click on "play"
Your script is done! If your "movie" is stopped, it this button will resume playing it. Go test it and see that it works

GOTO button scripts
You can use "gotoAndPlay" or "gotoAndStop" commands instead of the "play" command above to have your movie jump to a particular scene or frame
Buttons can also be programmed to change or "animate" when rolled over or clicked.
There are FOUR possible "States" stored into four distinct frames of the button symbol:
  1. UP - Stores what the button looks like as it sits on the screen
  2. OVER - Shows the "rollover" state when the mouse rolls over the button
  3. DOWN - defines what the button should do when the user clicks it
  4. HIT - only defines how big the "clickable" area of the button should be. Nothing drawn in the "Hit" area is actually displayed on screen
A GREAT format for a button
Like any flash object, you can add layers to your button to create efficiencies and multimedia effects

This example creates
- A sound layer for the button's clicking noise
- Different colour effects according to the "state"
- A single shadow for all states of the button

Is your button refusing to work?
Buttons within Buttons might be the problem!

Are your scripts not working when you click that button?
Be careful that you DON'T create buttons within buttons!
  • Double click the button
  • Select the graphic within
  • Check the properties of that graphic - if it's another button
    • click CONTROL-B to break it apart into simpler graphics