A Flash file can be broken up into different SCENES - SCENES play back seamlessly from one to the next.
Use SHIFT-F2 to open up the SCENES Pallette

  • You can create a new scene using the pallette, or by using the dropdown menu INSERT - SCENE
  • Rename a scene by double clicking it's name
  • Re-Sort scene order by dragging them up or down
Breaking your production into separate scenes has the following advantages:
  • Scenes give you a fresh set of LAYERS to work with
  • Scenes can be RE-SORTED using the SHIFT-F2 palette
  • Scenes can be DUPLICATED and modified
The downside to scenes:
  • Audio assigned to a frame in one scene may continue to play into the next scene - making soundtracks more difficult to manage.
Scene Exercise:
  1. Create a new FLASH file with a text object that says SCENE ONE in the middle of the stage
  2. Open the SCENE PALLETTE (SHIFT-F2) and duplicate "Scene 1" - rename the new scene as "Scene 2"
  3. In Scene 2, change the text object so it reads "Scene TWO"
  4. Add a Scene 3 the same way
  5. Try testing your movie
  6. Make each scene exactly one second long


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