Advanced Googlesite Menus

The Improving the Look TIPS section already mentioned the fundamentals of proper menus structure:
  • Pages in the menu are sorted ALPHABETICALLY
  • Pages are NESTED in the menu according to where they are located

Once you mastered them, you have a few other ADVANCED options available to control how menus are presented:

1. AUTOMATIC vs MANUAL menu creation
OPTIONS alter the way menus appear - to keep things simple, do not alter them unless your teacher suggests it's appropriate
  • Automatic
  • Manual

This required manual editing of the menu items

Editing Menus

  1. Click "Edit Sidebar"
  2. Under Navigation, click "edit"
    1. "Automatically Organize" is your best option to get started - it will sort menus alphabetically
    2. "Levels of Pages to show" can be increased from 2 to 3 if you keep your page names short enough
    3. "Sitemap" can be turned off to make the page appear a little neater