ANYONE can publish a crappy website these days -
YOUR task is to develop a website that promotes the following principles:

Aesthetics - how it looks

  • Four Design Principles
    • Proximity
    • Alignment
    • Repetition
    • Contrast
  • Demonstrate Consistency
  • Design with a Theme (limited Colour palette, font, shape
  • Attract using a smart Splash Page

Ergonomics - how it feels

  • Avoid "Scroll Bar Fatigue"
  • Choose wise Colour Aesthetics
  • Avoid excessive Click Depth
  • Demonstrate Clarity
    • Visual NoiseGoogleSites2011_15.png

Navigation - how it's organized

  • Keep it Inuitive
    • Logical Hierarchies
    • Group information
    • Important information up front
  • Keep it User Friendly
    • Clarity - 5 +-2 rule

Content - what it information presents

  • Keep it Relevant
    • Show YOUR work - not hommages to other artists, or copied work
    • Update often
  • Impress with Quality
    • Proofread for typos and accuracy
    • Show your best work - revise for quality

  • Impress with Scope
    • Show an appropriate Variety of work

  • Display suitable Depth
    • Tell the whole story - Use Anecdotes
    • Show your process


  • Banner
    • Should clearly identify the owner, and demonstrate proper design aesthetics
    • Could include a logo
    • Should align with the rest of the webpages
  • Splashpage
    • Should include a defining self portrait and welcoming message
    • Should demonstrate good design principles, and attract the viewer to examine the content of your portfolio
  • Menu
    • Should be organized, consistent, easy to navigate and inuitive
  • Unit Chapter pages
    • Should include thumbnails to each of the pieces
    • Project Pages
      • Should feature the piece
      • Should include Anecdotes about the production
      • Can include pre-production background work, sketches, early drafts
    • Exercise Page

  • Try doing a google IMAGE SEARCH to identify examples of Bad Website Design
  • Choose your "favorite" and use the terms and principles above to describe what exactly appears to be broken
  • Post your results on a new page of your website called BAD WEBSITE DESIGN - You could present the work in the form or a "TOP FIVE DO's and DON'Ts" of web design