Embedding Video in a Googlesite

In YouTube
  1. Locate or upload your desired video on YouTube and find it's SHARE settings
  2. Locate the URL that lets you SHARE that video address and COPY (Ctrl-C) that LINK address

In GoogleSites
  1. Edit your page and use INSERT from the dropdown menu
  2. Select YOUTUBE on the bottom right
  3. PASTE (Ctrl-V) the link address you copied earlier
  4. Adjust the settings as desired - but do turn off the titles
  5. Click SAVE and confirm that the video is sized properly - You're done!

It may be that you don't want to use YouTube as the "server" for your videos - there is more security using your GoogleDrive, but it is a bit trickier:
  1. Videos must be in either AVI or MPEG (but only named with the MPG extension) format
    (if your video ends with an MV1 or M1V or whatever, just rename it to an MPG and things will work)
  2. In GoogleDocs
    1. Upload your video to your GoogleDrive account
    2. Set the SHARE button and change WHO HAS ACCESS to
      allow ANYONE WHO HAS THE LINK can view (This is important!)
  3. In GoogleSites
    1. Edit your page and use INSERT - DRIVE - VIDEO
    2. Size the container appropriately and save