Photography TipsLearn the "BLT" of photography:

1. Choose your BACKGROUND

  • Move around the subject to find an uncluttered background for your subject. Move UP and DOWN to use the sky or the ground.
  • Look for colour, perspective, or angles to make the shot more interesting.

2. Choose your LIGHTING

    • Use natural lighting if it’s available. ie. nearby windows
    • Keep the sun behind you, not in your lens.
    • Use Side Lighting and Back Lighting if you have a fill flash
    • Take the picture in nearby shade for softer lighting
    • Know how to turn your flash OFF or ON, and experiment with both.
      • INDOORS - Try turning your flash OFF for softer lighting; you have to hold your camera especially steady for the image not to blur.
      • OUTDOORS - Try turning your flash ON - a “Fill Flash” can illuminate deep shadows on your subject.
    • DON’T rely on “AUTO” flash - you should MANUALLY turn the flash on or off. Sometimes you have to take your entire CAMERA out of “auto-mode”.
    • Make sure the flash is above the lens when taking portrait orientation photos, or else the shadows will be exagerated.
    • DON’T use “RED EYE” - it can distract your subjects

3. Use a TRIPOD

  • The tripod will let you take more CLEAR, CRISP photos than you can manage handheld
  • The tripod will let you turn OFF the flash for indoor photos, getting a better variety of lighting


  • Max out the optical ZOOM on your camera to “get closer” to your subject
  • Move in on your subject to feature them
  • DON’T WASTE A PIXEL on unneccessary backgrounds. The more pixels you devote to your subject, the better the quality of the shot will be.