PT Barnum made money by showing audiences things that they had never seen before. People were amused by these attractions, even if some of them were complete fabrications of reality.

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The Weekly World News was a tabloid that fabricated fantastic "news stories" and reported them as though they were real. It ceased publishing on paper in 2007, but it's infamy lives on - The Onion News started at about the same time, and entertains it's audiences with fabricated news.

Your assignment is to use Photoshop to create your own front page to the Weekly World News. Observe the rules of typography and try to emulate the original style of the publication. Invent between 1 to 5 images with headlines that might appear in the magazine if it existed today. Be sure that your stories are of good taste and humour.

  • Canvas size 11"x17" @ 200DPI
  • Black and White or Colour