TIJ-Christmas-Card.jpg Holiday Greeting Card Exercise

Create a Card
  1. Choose a high resolution background photo (from the HANDOUTS folder) and crop it to size 4x6" @ 200DPI
    (it should be precisely 1200x800 pixels if you crop it correctly - you can double check your size by using the command IMAGE - RESIZE - IMAGE SIZE and see what dimensions you're set at)
  2. Add TEXT for your greeting - include your name somewhere too
  3. Add layers to include a "Happy Face" Santa (or grinch)
  4. Add a layer of frosting
  5. Save your card as a PSD in your H: drive

To Make your Card PRINT READY:
  1. Make sure your NAME appears discretely on the card somewhere
  2. Use SAVE-AS and change the FORMAT to a JPG
    1. When asked, a quality of "8" is usually good
  3. Name the JPG appropriately and save it to your H: drive
  4. Drag a copy of the JPG to the appropriate HANDINS folder

Make your card WEB ready
  1. Use FILE - SAVE for WEB
  2. Select the JPG format
  3. Change the NEW SIZE to 400 pixels wide and click APPLY (note - the width will adapt automatically to preserve the aspect ratio)
  4. Click OKAY and give your new webgraphic a meaningful name and save it on your H: drive
    (We'll be using your webgraphic when we start making webpages)