Table of Contents

1. Prepare your "Template" and titles
  • Create a new canvas 640 x 480 pixel @ 72 DPI resolution
  • Create a TEXT BANNER that states the Department, event and date
    • Use intelligent "typography"
    • Use appropriate stroke, fill and dropshadow to ensure that the title will be read easily on varying backgrounds
    • Locate ad size the title so that it's not likely to obstruct the image below
2. Prepare your Photos
  • Load up your photos into the "organizer"
    • File Open - Select the first file, hold SHIFT and click on the LAST file to select and open them all. (Be careful - don't open more than about 15 at a time or you could crash the computer)
  • IF a photo needs to be cropped (ie a "portrait" orientation photo), use the Cropping Tool to size it to 640x480 pixels @ 72DPI.
  • Select your TEMPLATE file in the organizer, and use the MOVE TOOL to drag each photo FROM the organizer TO the template.
    (It's important do do this right, so the photos are resized to fit the 640x480 template)
    • The TITLES should appear at the top of the canvas - you may need to click and drag their layers to move them to the top of the stack
  • SAVE your work - Use SAVE AS to create a PSD to preserve your efforts after you've loaded up all the photos
3. Save your new "titled" photos
  • Start at the top layer in the layers palette, and use SAVE FOR WEB to save the first jpg with the title. Save the image as "Slide01.jpg"
  • Now turn off the "layer eyeball" to reveal the NEXT photo and SAVE FOR WEB again, changing the name to "Slide02.jpg" followed by 03, 04 etc.
  • Continue saving each of the layers one at a time to prepare all of the "Show ready" images.

You should end up with a folder full of "titled" jpgs to use as slides in the next step
4. Create the Slideshow
  • Use CREATE - Slideshow (Click OK on the warning)
  • Set your preferences
    • 5 second duration
    • Fade transition
    • 1 second transitions
    • Black Background - CLICK OK
  • Click ADD MEDIA - "Photos and Videos from FOLDER"
    • Find the folder that has your "titled" images from step two above
    • Select all image files for inclusion - hold the SHIFT key and click on the First and Last files - or use CTRL to select specific files
  • EDIT your slideshow thumbnails
    • Drag them around to change the order
    • Delete any that are duplicates or unwanted
5. OUTPUT your Slideshow video
  • Click OUTPUT (not SAVE) at the top of the screen
  • Save as File - WMV is ideal
  • The Slide Size should be set to 640x480 - Click OKAY

A WMV (Windows Media Video) is a small video file that will play on most any Windows computer - this is the format we put on the electronic display screens

(Answer NO when asked if you want to add the slideshow to organizer, and again "if you want to save the slideshow")