Drill Press Practical Test

  1. The PREP: Mark up your stock as shown below to clearly outline the Flywheel and handle
    1. Mark precise targest for the center of the flywheel, and for the center of the launcher feed hole
    2. Mark the perimater of the flywheel, and of the launcher handle
      1. Your measurements may vary (ie. the image below is for a 3.5" diameter flywheel)
      2. The edge of the flywheel should be at least a 1/4" away from the end cut
      3. The center of the hole for the flywheel and the hole for the handle should be at opposite ends of the stock
      4. You should mark to avoid knots - especially near the flywheelMarkup-Pre-Drillpress.jpg
  2. The TEST
    1. Clamp (if necessary) and drill a 3/8" hole in the exact center of the flywheel
    2. Clamp (if necessary) and drill a precise hole for the launcher using an appropriately sized Forstner bit

Drill Press - Setting the Depth Stop