NOTE - Use your own earbuds to listen to these videos if you need help in class.

3 ways images can be used in Sketchup

Creating a new PhotoMatch

Modeling with PhotoMatch

What are the "Rules of PhotoMatch" from the video? Make note of them to learn the proper techniques.

Exercise ONE - model stock photos
Download this photo, and IMPORT it into Sketchup so that you can try modelling it with Matched Photo


Exercise TWO - model YOUR home
  1. Locate and import a picture of your (or any) house into Sketchup suing GoogleMaps and Streetview
    1. You can take a copy of your screen with [ALT] [ Print Screen] and paste it into Photoshop to save it as a JPG
  2. Use the appropriate tools in Sketchup to create a reasonably accurate scale model
    1. When you import the JPG into Sketchup, you can specify that it is to be used as a "Matched Photo"
  3. Project the textures onto the sides of your house

Exercise THREE
  • Use TWO pictures to model your house - locate a house in a new building development with two clear views covering at least three faces of the house (ideally 4)
  • Create the first matched view and the basic model, then rotate the model to approximate the NEXT view, and create a NEW matched photo there.
  • Use the detail from BOTH views to more completely model and texture the house. Remember that you can select the surfaces you project the textures on them to be more selecting

Exercise FOUR
    • Recreate 3 to 5 houses in your neighbourhood
    • Place those houses on a Google Map
  • Choose an object or building that you can model by taking digital pictures
  • Model the object using Match Photo
  • Capture the appropriate views that can be later projected onto the object

PhotoA PhotoB PhotoC

The 1st Floor Trophy Case
TrophyA TrophyB TrophyC TrophyD

The McCrae Monument
MonumentA MonumentB MonumentC MonumentD
Monument (3).JPG