Your website project pages should DOCUMENT your attention the DESIGN PROCESS each step of the way:
You can show your finished project on the title page - perhaps even show an initial picture along with it showing the original stock before you started processing it.

    Why re-invent the wheel? Before you start creating new project - find out how OTHERS solved the challenge, and borrow the best from their experiences. Show what you've found on this webpage. Evaluate what will work, and what won't using your own words! If you can, look at the project pages of PAST students for their REFLECTIONS to get you started. Don't steal their work, but take their advice!
    • Sample photos
    • Weblinks
    • YouTube Videos
    • Your SUMMARIZED OBSERVATIONS regarding features and techniques that appear to be feasible in OUR shops using OUR tools and skillsets.
    So now you need to show that you have a plan, and you know how it's all going to fit together.
    • A JPG version of your Sketchup Plans
    • Your Procedure List assembled using the notes you've taken from class. This should be organized so it reads like a "step by step" set of instructions, and with enough detail and explanation so that someone could follow it like a recipe.
    Document your journey - take photos along the way, and put those photos here - along with descriptions of what was happening!
    • Photos of your work in process
    • Anecdotes describing your production steps
    So what did you learn? What worked, and what didn't? This is YOUR chance to be the teacher.
    • Your Successes
    • Your Challenges
    • What you'd do differently
    • What you'd advise future students to do