Photoshop Assignment - Commercial movie poster



Individually, students will design a movie poster using original photography, typography and photoshop design skills. This is an opportunity to hone your Photoshop editing skills, marketing and graphic design skills. The success of the poster may in large measure determine the success of the movie. The poster should highlight the major stars and include some narrative backdrop. Below are the steps:
  1. Determine the movie Genre -
    Think about the type of movie you would like to create a poster for; Horror, Comedy, Romantic, adventure, action? You may wish to check out some of the links below. Be sure that your movie has a name and genre and that you know who the main star is (could be you or a classmate!) Your movie selection must be appropriate and in good taste (if in doubt see me).Your poster can be either an original concept or a spoof on an existing movie.
  2. Research and Brainstorm for your poster - Now is the time to examine the "state of the art". Search for and analyze the use of photography, colour and typography in existing movie posters.
    1. What are the current Colour trends
    2. How is Lighting used
    3. What kind of Framing is used
    4. How is the Typography designed?

      See if you can spot trends and principles of good design. Collect samples of three posters you admire. Brainstorm YOUR poster and come up with your own solutions. Don't skip this step as you will be asked to document and show proof of the process. Consider using thumbnail sketches of your poster including all text and image positions.
  3. Get the necessary image assets for your poster. You may include some images from the internet but they must be a MINOR portion of your work. The majority of the image and text must be original content. You may use the green screen or take images in another location. Remember to use good lighting and photographic technique. Be sure the camera is taking images of sufficient size!
  4. Create your poster in Photoshop - 11"x17" 200 dpi (3400x2200) RGB colour mode saved as jpg at 80% quality. Be sure to set up your file correctly BEFORE you start as it's not possible to upsize later.
  5. Hand-in.
    1. Hand in a jpg version of your properly sized file saved at 80% to the appropraite handins folder
    2. Publish a properly sized version on your portfolio page with appropriate anecdotes and samples of the work that inspired it. Once you finish explain how you created your poster. Did you use filters, brushes, shape tools, lighting effects? Someone else should be able to clearly follow and recreate what you have done given your description. Use the appropriate terminology and describe your techniques as clearly as possible.
  6. Requirements and Evaluation- Your poster must look professional and realistic (Not just erasing the background), be appropriate (ask if unsure and get approval), and contain a majority of original material. It must contain your production company logo, the name of the actors involved, The name of the movie with a tag line, and all necessary credits at the bottom (director, producer,music, etc.)

See the links below for ideas: